La star de l’AEW Buddy Matthews partage une photo de ses voitures assorties avec celles de Rhea Ripley.


Buddy Matthews and Rhea Ripley Show Off Matching Cars

Buddy Matthews, also known as Buddy Murphy, and Rhea Ripley are a couple who work for separate wrestling companies. Matthews is a former WWE star who now competes in AEW, while Ripley is a current WWE superstar. Despite their different work environments, the couple recently showed off their matching Ram Trucks on social media.

Matthews shared a photo of their cars on his official Instagram handle, which garnered attention from fans and wrestling enthusiasts alike. The couple’s matching vehicles are a testament to their strong relationship, despite the challenges of working in different companies.

Seth Rollins’ Throwback Moment with Rhea Ripley

During a recent episode of Monday Night RAW, Seth Rollins teamed up with AJ Styles for a tag team match against Damian Priest and Finn Balor. Ripley and Dominik Mysterio, who are stablemates of Priest and Balor, were at ringside. Midway through the match, Rollins casually put his arm around Ripley’s shoulders without her realizing it, in a throwback to a similar moment between Shawn Michaels and Melina.

Rollins later addressed the incident on WWE’s The Bump, sending a message to Ripley, her real-life partner Buddy Matthews, and Dominik Mysterio. Interestingly enough, Matthews is a former disciple of Rollins, and the two were part of a faction in WWE that won the RAW Tag Team Championships together.


Buddy Matthews and Rhea Ripley’s matching cars and Seth Rollins’ throwback moment with Ripley have been the talk of the wrestling world recently. Despite working for different companies, Matthews and Ripley’s strong relationship is evident in their matching vehicles. Rollins’ throwback moment was a fun nod to wrestling history and his past relationship with Matthews. It will be interesting to see what other surprises the wrestling world has in store for us in the future.

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