Gros coup dur pour Elon Musk ! La plus grande fusée au monde de SpaceX explose quelques minutes après son lancement | REGARDEZ


SpaceX, the rocket company founded by Elon Musk, launched its Starship rocket for the first time on Thursday, April 20. However, the rocket failed minutes after rising from the launch pad and exploded into the Gulf of Mexico. The rocket was not carrying any people or satellites on board as both the booster and the spacecraft on top were to be ditched into the sea. The company was aiming to send the nearly 400-foot Starship rocket on a round-the-world trip from the southern tip of Texas, near the Mexican border.

The stainless steel rocket is designed to be fully reusable with fast turnaround, dramatically lowering costs, similar to what SpaceX’s smaller Falcon rockets have done soaring from Cape Canaveral, Florida. At 394 feet and nearly 17 million pounds of thrust, Starship easily surpasses NASA’s moon rockets past, present, and future. Nothing was to be saved from the test flight. The futuristic spacecraft flew several miles into the air during testing a few years ago, landing successfully only once. But this was to be the inaugural launch of the first-stage booster with 33 methane-fueled engines.

As if the flight test was not exciting enough, Starship experienced a rapid unscheduled disassembly before stage separation, referring to the explosion. Elon Musk had also congratulated the team of SpaceX on the test launch of Starship. He also shared the video of the launch. Monday’s try was scrapped by a frozen booster valve.

The launch of SpaceX’s Starship rocket was highly anticipated, but unfortunately, it ended in failure. The rocket was designed to be fully reusable, which would have dramatically lowered costs. However, the explosion of the rocket minutes after rising from the launch pad and crashing into the Gulf of Mexico was a significant setback for the company. SpaceX will undoubtedly learn from this experience and continue to work towards its goal of making space travel more accessible and affordable.

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