‘Leur amour peut-il survivre ? — Cynthia Watros s’exprime sur Nina et Sonny !’


Sonny and Nina’s Relationship Tested on General Hospital

The relationship between Sonny and Nina on General Hospital has been anything but smooth sailing. Recent events on the show have put their relationship to the test. After an attempt on Sonny’s life, he has ordered everyone he loves to keep their distance from him for their own safety. Unfortunately for Nina, that includes her as well. Cynthia Watros, who plays Nina, explained in a recent issue of Soap Opera Digest that « she doesn’t like it. That hurts her heart, but also, she can understand it. »

Nina also has to keep in mind that it’s not just herself that she needs to protect from Sonny’s dangerous line of work. She has a daughter and other family members that she cares about. Watros continued, « She’s worried about what this could cost them, Sonny being in the mob. » When Nina first fell in love with Sonny, he was living as Mike in Nixon Falls. Her feelings didn’t change once he regained his memories and returned to his life in Port Charles. « Nina always knew what Sonny did for a living, » Watros admitted, « but she sort of stuck her head in the sand a little bit when they got back from Nixon Falls because she loves him so much. »

Can Fear Overcome Love?

Carly had no problem with Sonny’s life in the mob and even stepped in to help take over his business when he was presumed dead. But can Nina find the strength to do the same or will fear turn out to be stronger than love? The show’s fans are divided on this issue, and a poll has been created to gather their opinions. It remains to be seen what will happen next on General Hospital, but one thing is for sure: Sonny and Nina’s relationship will continue to be tested.

In conclusion, the recent events on General Hospital have put Sonny and Nina’s relationship to the test. Nina has to keep in mind that it’s not just herself that she needs to protect from Sonny’s dangerous line of work. The show’s fans are divided on whether fear will overcome love in this situation. Stay tuned to General Hospital to see what happens next.

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