CM – Abolish the Monarchy trends amid news of Prince Andrew’s legal battle


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The sexual inappropriateness allegations made against Prince Andrew are deeply troubling and are now leading some Britons to demand the complete abolition of the monarchy. After more news came out of the Duke of Yorke’s lawsuit and his response to his accuser’s allegations, the hashtag #abolishthemonarchy was trending in England, according to Express UK on Twitter.

In 2019, Virginia Giuffre filed a lawsuit against indicted the Duke of Yorke for sexual abuse during an alleged incident that occurred in 2001 when she was a minor and which resulted from Andrews’ reported association with Jeffrey Epstein. Prince Andrew denies the allegations. And although the palace has publicly distanced itself from him and he has been permanently relieved of his royal duties, the Queen is reportedly helping him fund his litigation out of her private accounts.

This week, attorneys representing Prince Andrew in the US moved the lawsuit to be dismissed before Prince Andrew is forced to testify under oath. A 38-page memo by his legal team that went public called Giuffre’s allegations « frivolous » and « lurid » and accused her of trying « to find a payday at [Andrew’s] expense ». The document also claims that Giuffre signed an agreement with Epstein in 2009 that exempted Prince Andrew from being sued by her as well.

In response, Giuffre’s attorney David Boies criticized the Duke’s response for attempting to Bringing disputed facts into the dismissal motion instead of taking them to court where they can actually be proven or refuted. « Andrew’s offer to dismiss the lawsuit does not do justice to the grave allegations, » wrote Boies.

#AbolishTheMonarchy There is no justification for a society to put a family on a pedestal and grant them such privileges and rewards.

I glow with anger that my taxes are being used to defend a predator . Prince Andrew either doesn’t know Virginia Giuffre or he has had her sign a legal document. Neither can be true. # Abolishthemonarchy

Why should Prince Andrew do everything now to get out of a formality? And why are we paying for all these attempts to pervert justice? #AbolishTheMonarchy


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