CM – According to Draymond, the warriors’ potential opponents fear curry


Imagine having to face Stephen Curry in a possible play-off game like playing in the play-in tournament wasn’t annoying enough for NBA teams?

After seeing Curry continue his hot game with his ninth 40-point game of the season in the Warriors’ 123-104 win over Pelicans Monday, Green marveled at the steadily growing impact of his teammate.

« Every time you step on the floor with Steph Curry there is an advantage, » Green told reporters. “So the teams are afraid of him. And wherever he walks on the floor with or without the ball, the teams are scared. That kind of gravity pulls it in a lot of weight. “

Curry’s 41 points was the sixth time in the last 15 games that he had exceeded 40 points. The hot phase of the double MVP makes Green even more grateful to be his teammate.

« I don’t want to see a team with Steph Curry, » said Green. « We all know what he’s capable of. The guy can take over a game and make it difficult for any team in the NBA on a given night. »

Curry’s relatively small size – 6-foot-3,190 pounds – is all that hides the fact that he’s a legitimate NBA heavyweight. Curry’s knockout punches may come from a great distance, but they’re scary nonetheless.

« If you get into a street fight and Mike Tyson is on your side, how are you going to feel? » Warrior striker Juan Toscano-Anderson said of Curry. « That’s the best analogy I can give you. He’s just – he’s different, man.
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« So, I know if I get into a cucumber I’ll look for him; he’ll make things happen more often. The defense, he’s just a magnet; the defense just pulls him in, so open it up lots of things. « 

Curry leads the NBA in the standings – his 31.4 points per game gives him a 1/2 point lead over Bradley Beal of Washington’s 30.9 average – while holding 3-pointers almost 43 percent shoots. His first 3-pointer against the Pelicans on Tuesday night will be his NBA leading 300th of the season.

He admits that his last eleven seasons with the Warriors have been a hot run like no other.

« I haven’t done anything like this in my career, » said Curry. « But the work that goes into it comes as no surprise there. So it’s just about staying in the moment and enjoying what I can do. » I have the greatest confidence in what I can do on the ground. And I just enjoy the challenge because I know that I have to play well in order for us to be what we want to be this year.  »
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Despite his exploits, the Warriors are only eighth in the Western Conference and face the NBA postseason tournament. On Tuesday morning, the Warriors face Portland No. 7 in the first of at least two play-in games for Golden State. Beating the Blazers would automatically get the Warriors into the playoffs. Losing Portland would leave the Warriors one more shot in the real playoffs – the loser in the 7v8 game receives the 9v10 winner in a game that also sends that winner into the playoffs.

Golden State goes into the game on Tuesday in New Orleans, holding onto a half-game lead over ninth place in Memphis and a 1 1/2 game lead over tenth place in San Antonio. Finishing ninth or tenth would mean the Fate of Warriors postseason boils down to a one-off game.



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