CM – Admission of the minister to the vaccine rollout


A senior federal minister admitted on national television that the government fell short in introducing vaccines, but says the problems could not be foreseen.

The Morrison government originally hoped to have four million Australian adults vaccinated by the end of April, but by Tuesday 3.7 million people had a dose and nearly 500,000 had been fully vaccinated.

Reports indicate that six elderly care facilities for which the government is responsible for vaccination have not received doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

As Victoria prepares for a possible extension of the seven-day breaker shutdown, an alarming feeling from Deja Vu spreads across the state after it was revealed that three cases were discovered in the elderly.

One of the cases, who worked in two private facilities, had not been vaccinated. Despite the Commonwealth government’s pledge to give priority to full immunization of the elderly care sector, it is believed that just over 40,000 workers across the country have been shot.

Treasury Secretary Simon Birmingham accepted on Tuesday that the vaccination rollout « did not go as we had hoped ». however, noted delays in delivery from Europe and the shift in medical advice to AstraZeneca vaccine.

Mr Birmingham said the delay was partly due to sluggish rollout numbers but insisted that the government put the Priority was given to elderly care residents.

« There has been interference with the introduction of vaccination, that is 100 percent recognized, » he told ABC on Tuesday.

« They are just the facts and we had to get to these Facts react.  » In responding to these facts, we made sure that we continue to promote elderly care residents as a priority of the Australian vaccination rollout.

He said the government would have liked it. Receiving the more than 3.5 million doses expected to come from Europe earlier this year and that was part of the reason for the delay in vaccinating the elderly care sector.

Mr Birmingham said « 99 percent ». elderly care facilities across the country had access to the Covid-19 vaccine, and 85 percent of residents had opted for the bite.

The priority has always been to get these older Australians (vaccinated). And what we’ve done is broker 100 percent of the elderly care facilities in Victoria and make sure residents have that choice. he said.

Amid reports that 600 elderly care facilities had only received one dose of the vaccine, Mr Birmingham said they would follow health advice.

The medical advice does not warn against the administration of AstraZeneca, which is produced on land, to persons over 50 years of age. However, the burst requires a 12 week wait between the first and second dose.

« It’s absolutely an essential part that allows us to send these teams back to each of these elderly care facilities after this 12 week break. » he said.


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