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Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid shares his frustration with the umpires after a game on September 26, 2021.

Chiefs Kingdom was at the forefront of criticism from the Kansas City Chiefs over the weekend when linebacker Anthony Hitchens and Safety Tyrant Mathieu beat the « toxic » fan base on Instagram.

Tyrant Mathieu and Anthony Hitchens have the Chiefs fan base discredited in an Instagram comment recently 😯 #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom

This obviously looks bad for both players as fans are the catalyst that helps pay for everything in the NFL , including player salaries. If the fans were no longer interested in the NFL, then they would be out of work. That’s why head coach Andy Reid reached out to his team regarding their interactions with fans on social media after Hitchens and Mathieu went viral for their comments.

Here’s what Reid said during his press conference on Saturday October 30th when asked if he brought up the team about interacting with fans on social media.

« These are emotional guys who love being chiefs. They are very proud of it and they are proud of each other, ”said Reid. “They protect each other, they do the whole thing. However, I tell them that this is a dangerous area. We make that very clear. You really only talk to one guy, but now you are talking to the whole world. So in this case we have to do better. I think Tyrann (Mathieu) just told you that. This is how we talk to you beforehand at the training camp. We try to educate them about it. But, as you know, this is a difficult thing in today’s world. I’m not really big on the whole thing, period. ”

These are consecutive weeks Mathieu made headlines because of his interactions with fans. In week 7 after losing to the Titans, he was accused of making derogatory comments to Tennessee fans as he made his way to the locker room. However, Mathieu insisted on Twitter that he did not post these comments.

After his recent comments went viral on social media, Mathieu admitted he made a mistake.

« As for the comment, which went viral, it was of course a mistake of mine, « Mathieu told the media on Saturday October 30th. « I didn’t have the season that I wanted. I think as a team we could say the same thing. You know, frustration builds. Obviously, people who really know me, teammates, people I get in the community with even fans I happen to meet at the gas station, I think all these people can see me as a real person. Of course I shouldn’t have used that choice of words. I think I’m man enough to admit that and that I really look forward to playing better, getting better, and I think the most important thing is not to distract my team. « 

Mathieu – who is in a contract year with the Chiefs – was asked, whether the frustrations he’s dealt with personally and as a team this season have changed his mind about what will happen in the next off-season once he becomes a free agent.

« No, not at all. Listen, I’ve been through worse things in my life, ”said Mathieu. “As a professional athlete, I had tougher moments than 3-4. With the ambition to play in the Super Bowl, I wanted us to use this card. Like I said, I think it’s just more frustrating with the moment. Again, I think people who really know me, people who communicate directly with me like they know I’m all in Kansas City. I really like my teammates. I try my best to be with the community. So I don’t think I can paint a clearer picture of wanting to be here. ”

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