CM – Arsenal 1-2 Man City: The missing penalty, Gabriel’s dismissal, Rodris cheers – the controversial incidents analyzed



Was Arsenal right to feel offended after the highly controversial Manchester City loss? We take a look at the big calls …

A free change of hosts meant that Manchester City were breached – as they did several times in the first half – but ended with Martin Odegaard after a foul by Ederson lost.

It looked like a close move as the movement of the ball suggested the City goalkeeper was in contact with him and referee Stuart Attwell waved the appeal off from Arsenal.

But reruns of the Incident – which was also shown at the stadium – at halftime clearly indicated that Ederson was in contact with Odegaard before the ball.

VAR Jarred Gillett watched the incident but decided to stay on the field despite the apparent mistake in making the decision .

VAR’s refusal to intervene, particularly in relation to what was to follow in favor of Manchester City in the second half, provoked widespread confusion.

« Confusion is d the right word, « said Arsenal assistant coach Albert Stuivenberg, who represented the Covid hit Mikel Arteta. « We’re looking for consistency there. For me the Odegaard moment is a definite penalty, but if there is consistency there you would say bring the referee over to check [the field monitor]. That didn’t happen. » / p> VAR won’t work properly in @premierleague until the quality of the officials is improved. Inconsistency in the 2 # ARSMCI penalties, both were pens, only 1. Frustrated fans, players. Ruins game. Some good umpires, but the overall quality is insufficient for elite competition

Arsenal’s mood boiled to the boiling point when Manchester City were finally awarded a penalty after Bernardo Silva went down in the second half after a foul by Granit Xhaka in the penalty area.

It looked like an awkward challenge from Xhaka, but with Xhaka holding Silva’s jersey, the City midfielder seemed to be on his way down.

Once again, Attwell didn’t give up the field penalty. On that occasion, however, the VAR advised the referee to review the incident on the field monitor and he changed his mind and gave City a way back into the game when Riyad Mahrez converted the penalty.

Sky Sports’ Lewis Jones, who Was at Emirates Stadium said: « Arsenal fans are frustrated around the press box. But it’s a lazy challenge from Xhaka, who was for moments like this.

 » The incident was shown on the big screen who saw Xhaka and his reaction could have resulted in a second Yellow Card. He was very lucky and needs to calm down. « 

Pep Guardiola was convinced that it was also a kick-kick – and pointed out that Odegaard’s earlier claim had not been shown on the big screen in the same way was.

« I didn’t see the [Odegaard] penalty, they didn’t show it on the [big] screen. And they showed it on screen for Bernardo. So Arsenal did well. But it’s a penalty [Bernardos]. But I couldn’t see the possible penalty for Odegaard, so I can’t tell. « 

Result tough for Arsenal. With the advantage of video playback – which is surely supposed to be the point of VAR – it turns out that Ederson Odegaard fouled in the penalty area in the first half. I just don’t understand why VAR won’t give it.

Lewis Jones from Sky Sports in the Emirates:

« Let’s take a look at this amazing five minutes …

« Silva goes down under a challenge from Xhaka. Attwell says no penalty. VAR advises him to go to the screen and he changes his decision. Xhaka and Gabriel are booked in the episode.

“Arsenal countered and Ake took a great shot off the line and Martinelli missed an open goal. From the next attack, Jesus fouls Gabriel, who receives a second yellow card.

“Ridiculous.” However, Arsenal’s frustration actually boiled over, leaving them with 10 men in the final 30 minutes of the game when Gabriel Magalhaes was shown two yellow cards in quick succession.

Arsenal supporters would argue that Gabriel’s first yellow card would have occurred had both penalty decisions been handled appropriately, but the Brazilian defender cannot complain about the two yellows he received in quick succession.

The first offense was gentle, with referee Attwell supposed to Gabriel cautioned for missing the penalty spot before Mahrez’s goal kick. Goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale was also seen by the television cameras but went unpunished.

However, after the game, Albert Stuivenberg, who stood in for Mikel Arteta for post-game media duties, said Gabriel’s first booking was for something he said , and not everything that was done on the spot.

When asked if the initial warning was for scratches, he replied: « The players don’t tell me that. He made a remark to the referee and other players did This confirms it. It was normal comment and he got a yellow card In the end it doesn’t matter if you got a yellow card then you need to better control your emotions.

100 – Arsenal are the first team in history of the Premier League, which received 100 red cards, with the Gunners taking off 11 players under Mikel Arteta in the competition, more than any other team since their first game in charge atic.

« He mentioned to me that he mentioned the first penalty shot with Odegaard and asked the referee what happened there, so no dirty language was used, just a comment. That Gabriel told me. « 

Gabriel’s second yellow card was also avoidable minutes later when he stopped Gabriel Jesus halfway to stop a counterattack by the City. Again, there should have been few complaints about the booking – was it really a challenge he had to make? His hasty action went a long way towards deciding the outcome of the game, as the competition was firmly in City’s favor.

« If you already have a yellow card, now is the time to control your emotions, » said Stuivenberg. « I’m not sure why the first yellow card was given – I hear different things about it. But it doesn’t matter anymore. When you have it, you have to control your emotions. We have to learn that. »

Difficult to accept, but only God knows everything! Proud to be part of this team !!! Amazing spirit! We will keep working together and fighting to the end !! For this team I will run until I die !! Let’s keep improving in 2022 !!!

Rodri was the ultimate hero for Manchester City when his stoppage time goal sealed all three points for Guardiola’s side.

It loosened the midfielder and his teammates who were right in front of the Arsenal fans cheered wild cheers. This resulted in objects being thrown on the pitch by the home fans aimed at the City players, and Rodri was eventually booked for taking off his jersey at the festivities.

But he should have warned sooner should? There are many on social media who think so.

Rodri only fouled two times in the game. The first was on Martinelli right on the edge of the Man City penalty area, who went unpunished. The second was a foul on Alexandre Lacazette, which also escaped another penalty and actually resulted in Bukayo Saka receiving a yellow card for his complaints to the referee.

In fairness to the referee, it could be argued that none of the fouls by Rodri, despite ceasing to promise Arsenal attacks, was booking. Arsenal’s complaints, however, stem from the quickness of the referee to caution Arsenal players, especially Gabriel and substitute Rob Holding, who were both suspended after just one foul.

The home fans stayed and cheered their team with great vigor to, in full recognition that Mikel Arteta’s team was absolutely great against the upcoming champions. The better team for 85 minutes of play.

The problems came in the other five minutes in the middle of the half. I’m not sure if I’ve been to a game that the game has changed so much in such a short amount of time. Unfortunately for Arsenal, it was a lot of themselves.

Granit Xhaka’s lazy challenge and jersey pulling against Bernardo Silva gave the referee a decision. Gabriel Martinelli – full of energy and quality – snapped an open scoring opportunity after Nathan Ake’s miraculous distance from the line. And then the moment of Gabriel Magalhaes’ inexperience erased his notebook when he received his second yellow card for an unnecessary foul.

These three incidents determined the outcome. Elite teams like Man City eat up mistakes like this and while Arsenal were superb in every way, the big moments of the game were devoured by the City machine.

« It’s very frustrating in the end, but Mikel was very proud of the performance and at the same time frustrated, « said Arsenal coach Albert Stuivenberg, who represented the absent Arteta.

Frustration was the perfect word to sum up the feeling in the floor at full time. But when the dust settles, Arsenal fans can look back on an achievement that gives the club so much hope and excitement for the future.

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