CM – Attacks on civilians in J&K with the aim of dividing communities, says Omar Abdullah


Omar Abdullah urged the members of the minority communities in Kashmir to prevent the events of the 1990s from happening again by leaving their homes.

Published: October 08, 2021 18:50 |

Last updated: October 8, 2021 6:50 PM

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SRINAGAR: The recent attacks on civilians in Jammu and Kashmir were aimed at creating a community wedge and it is the responsibility of the majority community to make our brothers feel safe, the said Vice President of the National Conference (NC), Omar Abdullah, on Friday.

He urged members of the minority communities in Kashmir not to allow the events of the 1990s to repeat themselves by leaving their homes.

In a conversation with reporters after visiting the residence of the murdered headmaster Supinder Kour in Aloochi Bagh, Abdullah also criticized the government for failing to notice the attacks.

« The attacks take place one after the other and no one feels safe here today. The Muslims here have also been attacked, Kashmiri Pandits and Sikh brothers as well. They don’t feel safe, « he said.

 » This i There is no time for politics and I didn’t come here to do politics, but it is the responsibility of the rulers to make people understand where the failure lies, « added Abdullah.

The former Prime Minister of the former state J&K said that even though he was not part of the government, he has « heard since last month that minorities are being targeted here ».

« I’ve heard it from very responsible people. When this information was able to reach me, didn’t it reach those responsible in the administration? Why haven’t they done anything about it? «  » There is an atmosphere of fear, everyone is thinking of moving away. It is our responsibility, especially the majority community, to make our brothers and neighbors feel safe so that we do not repeat the 90s-like situation, « he said.

When asked if the attacks were carried out to disrupt communal harmony in J&K, Abdullah said the militants always had such an agenda.

« They had this agenda from the start. Also yesterday they separated and then killed these two teachers. The goal is to disrupt the traditional community harmony here and make the situation worse. »

« That’s why I said it is the responsibility of the majority community. If we are looking for security for Muslims and Sikhs in other parts of our Hindu brothers, including Kashmir, where Muslims are in the majority, it is our responsibility to ensure it. « A sense of security, » he said.

Abdullah appealed to the minorities not to leave the Kashmir Valley, saying it would be easy to pass judgment on his position, but « it will be extremely unfair because I can well imagine which one Fear they have to live « .

 » All I can do is make a sincere appeal to all of them. The goal of these attacks is to drive a wedge between communities and try to drive these communities out of Kashmir . We cannot allow these attacks to be successful, and therefore I sincerely appeal to all of you not to consider leaving, « he said. The NC leader said his party would continue to pressurize exercise on the government to si to ensure that all these people feel safe and secure.

« But there shouldn’t be a pick-and-choice approach like the government’s decision after these attacks to give the Kashmiri Pandit employees a 10- days off, but not the Kashmiri Sikhs. If both a pandit and a Sikh were attacked in this attack, why only pandit vacations? Why not for them, « he said.

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