CM – Boxer Félix Verdejo charged with the murder of pregnant lover Keishla Rodréguez


The Puerto Rican boxer, charged with the horrific murder of his pregnant lover, was charged with murder by a federal grand jury this week – and faces the death penalty.

According to a complaint filed by the FBI on US territory, Félix Verdejo is accused of having committed the brutal and calculated murder of 27-year-old Keishla Rodréguez.

In the sadistic murder, Verdejo allegedly slapped Rodriguez in the face, injected her with an unknown liquid, and tied her feet and arms to a block, according to the government last week.

The former Olympic boxer allegedly threw her off a bridge and fired shots from a gun into the water where she was submerged.

Verdejo reported to the police last Sunday and is being held without bail. He has faced a range of charges, including kidnapping and carjacking, which resulted in death and willfully killing an unborn child.

The boxer, who is married with a young daughter, faces the death penalty if convicted.

« What I want is justice for Keishla, » the victim’s mother, Keila Ortiz, said at a news conference Thursday, according to the Associated Press. « We have a pain Tony and I never imagined. »

Her father added that despite the brutal nature of the crime, he did not support the search for the death penalty.

« That doesn’t solve anything for me. What is done is done. he said this week, according to the AP. « Let him remind himself who my daughter was every day. »

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