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Kate Australia recently announced the appointment of Ariane de Rooy as the new Executive Director to lead the organization following the success of skateboarding at the Olympics.

In an exclusive interview with the Department of Sports, de Rooy spoke about the challenges the national sports organization and on the road to further success.

Regarding the state of Skate Australia after taking up skateboarding at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and moving into a leadership role in sports, de Rooy said the organization had a great growth opportunity ahead.

« Skate Australia is the national sports organization not only for skateboarding, as some people think, but also for a range of sports including roller derby, ice skating, speed skating, inline hockey and ice hockey, » said de Rooy to the Ministry of Sport.

« It’s a really inclusive sport, there is something for everyone with camaraderie, A drenalin, grace and creativity.

“It’s a really great sports group to work with and it’s not just about competition but also recreation, everyone can get their skateboard out and have a good time with friends

« It’s a great opportunity for me, I’m not a skater or a skateboarder, but I have a pair of ice skates.

 » For me, the opportunity is really about growth, most of my career revolved around business growth. I’ve worked in sport for eight or nine years, spanning a number of Olympics and Commonwealth Games for Sport Australia and Sport England.

“I’ve also had a few brief stints with the Queensland Rugby Union, the Queensland Reds and the Brisbane Roar Football Club.

« The reason I would like to participate is that I see so many opportunities in skate that are really not being used at the moment.

 » There are too few opportunities for skaters to Skating and too few places to skate, every skate park and every ice rink is bursting at the seams.

“We don’t have enough trainers or officials, there are plenty of opportunities, but we have to mobilize ourselves to give the skaters more opportunities provide.

« Skate Australia has been a volunteer-run organization with no paid staff for five or six years, and what the Olympics did for us is to keep the federal government paying attention to skate and skateboarding ksam.

« We are now working with both Sport Australia and the Australian Institute of Sport who are kind enough to fund our high-performing team for the Olympics, and we hope they look back on us in the future. » will support any way imaginable.

« The Olympics and skateboarding are a real turning point for skate in the development of relations with the federal government.

 » It’s not just about funding, it’s about getting involved with all other sports to connect, reach into their brains and see what worked for them before, especially similar sports like surfing and cycling that have a similar feel to skating.

“It’s not just about competition, it’s also about Relaxation and fun with friends, ”she said. When asked about the challenges for Skate Australia and the work ahead of her as the new Executive Director, de Rooy said the immediate support from the company Australian sports industry has been very helpful.

« I think every aspect of running a national sports organization is a challenge, but the key, like any business, is surrounding yourself with really good people who know what they’re doing. » « Said de Rooy.

 » I would say that I get into this role because I have no skating background at all, I have some background in sports business management, but I’m certainly not a heavyweight in Australia Sports landscape.

« I wasn’t worried but I thought I really need to come around and start dealing with a lot of people and I wasn’t sure how well that would go, but I’ve been for two weeks in the role and me « I’ve just had amazing, positive support from all levels of government, all sports, different sports, the mood is so positive and inclusive.

u help, i don’t know why i’m surprised, but it’s a really positive vibe, it’s a really positive feeling.

« The challenges require a lot of work, we need a new strategy, we have a great board, an amazingly powerful committee with a lot of skill and the challenge for me is to really build this whole business structure we have to support skate and skateboarding in Australia.

« That’s the challenge, but I have a lot of support for it, so I really am excited, « she said.

Discussing preparations for the Paris 2024 Olympics after skateboarding started in Tokyo, de Rooy said the first focus is on getting a key commercial partner for the Olympic team .

“Many Olympic teams have nicknames like the Boomers, Olyroos, the Kookaburras, the Australian ice skating team has no spit znames.

« We are very open to a sponsor looking to partner with Skate Australia, and maybe we can run a nationwide competition to create a great nickname for our Olympic skateboarding team.

« We are so happy that we already have a great high-performance team on board before Paris.

 » We are in the process of promoting our skateboarding high-performance manager, and this will be a nationwide search for someone who not only has skateboarding skills, but is able to bring skateboarders to the level they will be for the Olympics.

« We have a great team and the ability to recruit new, fantastic people, » said them.

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