CM – Braves 13, Cubs 4: Do-It-Yourself Summary


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Sunday evening at Wrigley Field, the Cubs were knocked down by the Braves 13-4. Thoroughly, completely, completely crushed.

Another curiosity: The Braves box score totals from this game (38-13-14-13, AB-RR-BI) were exactly the same as the Cubs from Saturday’s game Instead of giving you my own review of this router, I thought I’d let you put together your own. May I help you! (NOTE! If you are reading this article on Google AMP or Apple News, you will need to go to a regular web browser to read the following words or click “Desktop Site” on your mobile browser.)

The Cubs Achieved 0 runs, 0 runs, 0 runs, 0 runs, 0 runs, 2 runs, and 4 runs. Did you still watch then? The Cubs’ runs were driven by Anthony Rizzo. Anthony Rizzo. Both of the above! He met two HR! Javier Baez, Cody Ransom, No, not Cody Ransom.

Kyle Hendricks had thrown well on his last start, but not so much this time. He allowed four home runs in the first inning. This linked a franchise record set by (a) himself (b) no, of course not (c) Phil Norton in 2000 (d) Jon Lieber in 2008 (the answer is both « c » and  » d « ).

The Cubs bullpen closed the game. That cannot happen in 2021. He allowed a lot more runs and Homersnow, you get the picture. It didn’t really matter because after the Cubs got there within two runs, the Braves had their second inning of four runs, four innings of six runs. 20 innings. No, not 20. It just seemed that many.

This was the Cubs’ most one-sided defeat since Saturday, Friday, Thursday. Surprisingly, it’s … August 6, 2020, a 13-2 loss to the Royals. This game also has a do-it-yourself summary here. The good news (maybe!) Is that the Cubs followed that defeat with a three-game winning streak.

According to Hendricks, the Cubs pitchers who finished the game kept giving up the runs. More and more runs. The worst offender was … Ryan Tepera Steve Trachsel Turk Wendell Lee Smith Bruce SutterYou just wish it was Bruce Sutter.

Craig Kimbrel threw an inning in garbage time. Sometimes that doesn’t work for normally open, but not on Sunday evening … Wait, yes! Kimbrel threw a goalless inning … and hit 97-98 mph anyway.

The Cubs record is now a) 9-6.b) 6-9.c) 6-900. There seem to be only 900 losses. If you chose (b) you are right. But it doesn’t matter because a) it’s early b) it’s early c) it’s early (Hint: It won’t be that early.) On Tuesday night at Wrigley Field, the Cubs lose again to the Braves. (No, wait, they’re not playing the Braves.) You have to face the New York Mets. The game time is 6.40 p.m. CT … weather dependent.

In this game, the Cubs will send Jake Arrieta up the hill to face Taijuan Walker, and Jake will … … win the game against the Mets … by playing a shutout throws … or maybe a no-hitter (OK, maybe I’m dreaming.)

Tuesday’s game will be on a) Marquee Sports Network.b) Marquee Sports Network.c) Marquee Sports Network.d) Marquee Sports Network.e) Marquee Sports Network.f) Marquee Sports Network Broadcast. They don’t think there is another choice Wait, there is another choice. The game is on ESPN too … no blackouts.

Comments from manager David Ross after Sunday’s game included, « Look, what should I do? » (Oops, sorry. That’s left over from five managers.) « It just wasn’t his night. Couldn’t find it. » Yeah, Ross actually said that.

That’s all I have for this one. At least it didn’t rain in this series. This is unlikely to be the case with the upcoming Mets series.



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