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The winner of the Celebrity Apprentice was finally crowned after a turbulent season of dummy spitting and off-screen scandals.

Ross Noble and Shaynna Blaze were given the final assignment of planning and hosting a VIP charity event in just two days, with the participant who raised the most money winning.

And in the end, it was Shaynna who won by landslide and raised nearly half a million dollars for her chosen charity.

Unpublished comedian Ross asked ex-teammate Wippa and comedian Sam Pang to help organize his one-of-a-kind event: « The Bank Robbery Experience », explosives and anything to raise money for the Australian Red Cross

Meanwhile, Shaynna went the conservative route with a charity auction for her anti-domestic violence foundation, Voice of Change, and played a song she wrote specifically for the occasion in front of glamorous guests, including The Block’s Scott Cam.

When it came to the final boardroom, Boss Lord Alan Sugar urged them all to reveal why they chose their particular charities.

In an emotional speech, Shaynna said that her passion for giving voice to victims of domestic violence comes after she was not « unharmed » by domestic violence herself.

Similarly, Ross’ support for the Australian Red Cross after losing his home in a fire also comes from a personal cause.

Ultimately, Shaynna’s charity auction raised the most cash, grossing a massive $ 326,000, while Ross’ bank robbery experience grossed an impressive $ 83,500.

The block star was named the winner and received an additional $ 100,000 for Voice of Change.

Over the course of the series, Shaynna managed to raise a total of $ 475,000, a new record for the Australian Celebrity Apprentice.

Shaynna’s appearance in the finals comes after a gruesome public sled from Lord Alan Sugar, who remarked in a live radio interview on Nova earlier this month that she had « a face like a battered ass. »

Lord Sugar criticized the interior designer for not smiling enough on the show along with Fitzy and Wippa’s co-host Sarah McGilvray, who said Shaynna « frowned a lot » and « looked like she was sucking a lemon. »

In response to the nasty segment on the same radio show a week later, Shaynna said she was « grateful » to publicly address the comments.

« You can’t talk pejoratively about people and their physical appearance to get a cheap laugh. We have overcome that. The world is not like this anymore, » she said.

« (By not calling them out publicly or immediately, you make that possible and mean that they feel they can get away with it, » she said on Nova.

« One of the things that I’ve been pointed out to is that if someone with authority is allowed to put people down, people can take home the feeling of being an authority in their home and start putting people in down their own ranks home, ”she added.

Shaynna also announced that she had received an apology from Channel 9 and an email apology from Lord Sugar.

Controversial former candidate Martha Kalifatidis made another appearance tonight to support her former teammate Shaynna.
On the penultimate episode of the season, the former MAFS star was « fired » after an unfortunate outburst that made her seem for a moment to forget that the show’s main purpose is to raise money for charity.

As she asked to be sent to the final, Martha said, “This will change my life. This opportunity will literally open so many doors for me. I will prove not only to you, but also to so many people that I am competent. I’m not just an influencer, I’m not just a beauty blogger, I’m not just a make-up artist. It will give me so many options.  »

« It’s also about charity, » said board member Janine Allis Martha. « The ‘life change’ is actually the money that goes to the charity. »

Speaking to Fitzy and Wippa on-air on Tuesday, Martha admitted that her speech in the boardroom “looked really bad” and said she didn’t want to apologize for it.

“It was entertaining, it was fun – everyone who’s been on the show with me, my friends, my family, they know who I am. The show is fun, I’ve raised so much money for charity, what more can you get? I ask for? ”She said.

She also said she wished the show had shown scenes she wasn’t « a total slut » in and called the editing « disturbing ».

« It would have been nice if they showed me another side, but it is what it is, » she said.

Their comments come after pop duo The Veronicas repeatedly complained about the show’s « editing » which focused on the drama rather than the heartfelt moments.

Last month, the sisters claimed they only signed up for the show after being promised that the show would have « heart » as it would mean stop caring for their sick mother.

« We came to the show to raise funds for charity and awareness for The Brain Foundation. We didn’t have to do this show to get noticed. We signed up after they stressed & stressed it would be a show with a heart. Take physical time from our mother to do it, « they wrote.

The review came a day after they publicly tweeted on the show’s official Twitter account, saying they’d given attendees a « scripted drama » and used selective editing to make them look bad.

The musical siblings are no strangers to social media as they are known to have feuded online with the airline QANTAS, Jess’ ex-partner Ruby Rose and each other.


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