CM – Certificate of approval for Republican governors holding anti-Vax mandates


US Republican governors prefer to follow doctrine over the scientifically proven benefits of vaccines and have filed indictments against Covid shooting (and mask) mandates, Politico reports. And now their approval ratings have dropped. Dr. Anthony Fauci calls the Texas mandate ban « regrettable ».

These Republicans torpedoed vaccine edicts – then they slipped in the polls

Republican governors fighting vaccine mandates are facing significantly lower approval rates than their counterparts in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. But don’t worry. From Florida to Texas to South Dakota, GOP governors have been at the forefront of the war against vaccination mandates, banning vaccination requirements in their states and threatening to take President Joe Biden’s state vaccination mandate in court. Just last week, Texas Governor Greg Abbott banned vaccine requests, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis vowed to sue the Biden government. (Kaschinski, 10/17)

Fauci dismayed at Texas’s move to ban mandates

Dr. Anthony Fauci said Sunday that it is « really unfortunate » that Governor Greg Abbott has moved to ban vaccine mandates in the state of Texas. The country’s foremost infectious disease doctor told Fox News on Sunday that the Republican governor’s decision to discourage companies from requiring vaccinations would harm public health, as vaccines are the « most effective way » to stop the spread of COVID- 19 stop. (10/17)

Invoice sheet:
Government defends pandemic policy as Montana remains a national hotspot

In a brief telephone interview Thursday, Governor Greg Gianforte defended his administration’s policy on the pandemic, which included the signing of the nation’s only ban on private companies that require vaccines in the workplace and several measures that restrict the powers of local health officials to action take measures to contain the spread of the virus. « The role of the government is to educate, to communicate – it is not to be mandated, » said Gianforte. “We have seen an increase in infections in states with mandates, in states without mandates and… the best way for Montaner to protect themselves and their families is to get vaccinated. These vaccines are safe and effective, I have kept telling this story and I am encouraged that more and more people are choosing to vaccinate. ”(Wilson, 10/17)

Pritzker postpones vaccination deadlines for some civil servants

Governor J.B. Pritzker has postponed a deadline for vaccinating government officials from veterans homes, prisons and other community facilities against COVID-19 while his office is negotiating with unions representing some workers. Pritzker, who had set an October 4 deadline in August for government employees falling under his requirement to get the vaccine, said Friday that employees must be fully vaccinated by November 30, the Chicago Tribune reported. The staff are employed by the correctional facilities, veterans affairs, human resources and juvenile justice departments. (10/16)

The Washington Post:
Vaccination deadlines for school staff in the Washington area are expiring

Teachers and other school staff in Arlington, Virginia have hit a vaccination deadline – one of the first school systems in the Washington area to begin enforcing a coronavirus vaccination mandate while the pandemic continues. In the coming weeks, other school systems in Virginia, D.C. and Maryland cross the same public health threshold, which could mean days without work, disciplinary action, or, in the worst case, layoffs for those who fail to meet their county’s vaccination regulations. (St. George, Natanson and Stein, 10/17)

Judge limits unpaid leave for unvaccinated workers in the US laboratory

A federal judge has temporarily restricted the ability of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a nonprofit, to put employees on unpaid leave who receive exemptions from a COVID-19 vaccine requirement. U.S. District Judge Charles Atchley in Knoxville on Friday issued the injunction prohibiting UT-Battelle from indefinitely unpaid leave or dismissal of employees after receiving religious or medical provision for the vaccine. (Mattis, October 18)

The CT mirror:
Over 100 long-term care facilities have still not reported vaccination rates

Nearly three-quarters of the more than 600 long-term care facilities covered by a state mandate requiring workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19 said 95% of their employees are fully or partially vaccinated, the health ministry said on Friday as two weeks after the deadline. Long-term care facilities – including nursing homes, assisted living centers, residential homes, hospitals for chronic illnesses, intermediate care facilities and managed residential communities – had to report their employee participation to the state by September 28. All employees at these facilities must be vaccinated against COVID-19 unless they have received a religious or medical exception. (Carlesso, October 15)

Chronicle of San Francisco:
Companies are concerned about labor shortages in view of the threat of vaccination requirements

The upcoming federal vaccination mandate could lead to a wave of layoffs of employees who are reluctant to receive the life-saving syringes. This makes many companies nervous that these positions will be difficult to fill in a job market where it is becoming increasingly difficult to get willing hands. Almost three quarters of respondents to a survey this month who did not implement their own mandate said that fears of labor shortages were behind this decision. The survey, conducted by labor law firm Fisher Phillips LLP, contacted more than 1,500 professionals from a variety of companies, including executives, lawyers, human resources and others. (DiFeliciantonio, 10/17)

Milwaukee Journal Guardian:
Milwaukee mask mandate debate leads to divisions in town hall

The Milwaukee Leaders Early Pandemic Association on a Mask Mandate ended this summer, and a debate on the return of face coverings continues. The city’s mask ordinance, which stayed in effect only as long as the city’s COVID-19 health ordinances were in place, expired along with the repeal of the last health ordinance on June 1. While Ald. Marina Dimitrijevic has loudly advocated a return to masking, while Health Commissioner Kirsten Johnson has opposed this for several reasons. (Dir., 10/17)

Crain’s New York business:
NYC Healthcare Orgs keep 97% of the staff after the vaccination mandate

According to Crain’s, the COVID-19 vaccination mandate for employees in the healthcare sector has manually resulted in fewer dismissals or layoffs in hospitals in the metropolitan region. NYC Health Hospitals and Northwell Health reported the highest violations of the state mandate, which gave health care workers a September 27 deadline to receive at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, a data analysis by Crain found. The city’s public hospital system has approximately 2,500 unvaccinated workers among its 43,000 employees, while Northwell laid off 1,400 of its 76,000 employees, spokesmen for the systems said. The systems refused to share outages by individual hospitals. (Kaufmann, October 15)

Data: Almost two-thirds of New Yorkers are fully vaccinated

Almost two-thirds of New York’s residents are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, according to the latest federal statistics. About 12.7 million of New York’s 20 million residents are fully vaccinated, according to data released Saturday by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That’s the seventh-highest percentage of any state – including Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. (Villeneuve, October 16)

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