CM – Chennai Corporation installs oxygen concentrators in hospitals when there is a shortage


The Greater Chennai Corporation has set up hundreds of oxygen concentrator beds in city hospitals to save the lives of Covid patients in need of O2 support due to the surge in medical oxygen due to the surge.

Im 100 years Old Communicable Disease Hospital in Chennais Tondiarpet, where over a hundred machines have been installed, a concentrator breathed new life into 50-year-old Chinnamma.

« Doctors here are like God. They were able to save me with this machine. Without it God only knows what would happen to poor people like me. « 

Kumari, another patient who also suffered from shortness of breath, is on the way to recovery. She added, « I’m much better now. The doctor removed me from concentrator support and I’m on observation. »

The company has also given 250 concentrators to the government’s Stanley Medical College Hospital. Doctors say this would help oxygen provide scarce liquid oxygen to critical patients.

« This is useful for patients who need 5 to 10 liters of oxygen. We can save the hospital supply of liquid oxygen. The machine needs it not a raw material and is medically acceptable for light and moderate patients who require oxygen. « Dr. P. Shanmugasundaram, professor, Department of Anaesthesiology, said.

Several hospitals have reported oxygen starvation in Tamil Nadu despite increasing the allotment to 519 tons. Citizen body authorities say they are using alternative resources to save lives. Chennai Corporation has already deployed 900 such machines. There are 2,100 more oxygen concentrators to be procured.

« We are planning 5,000 single beds with oxygen concentrators. We are also giving these to all medical university hospitals where patients who are now waiting in ambulances outside of hospitals could receive help. We would continue to increase « Greater Chennai Commissioner Gagandeep Singh Bedi told NDTV.

Almost two weeks after the lockdown, Tamil Nadu’s daily record has surpassed 34,000, with Chennai accounting for around 6,500 cases daily. Since Tamil Nadu does not have any large steel industries in the state, in addition to developing local resources, it also obtains oxygen from Odisha.

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