CM – Dave Portnoy declares himself the unofficial leader of SafeMoon Cryptocurrency


The self-proclaimed « Bitcoin Baron » Dave Portnoy is making headlines again in the world of cryptocurrency. El Pres holds one of his signature Barstool emergency press conferences, first stating that due to the recent leverage of Dogecoin and Bitcoin, Elon Musk thought he had to get involved with another altcoin, more specifically a shitcoin.

Portnoy chose between DOGE, ASS, LTC, SafeMoon, SHIBA and HOGE and further stated that he would select a coin and name himself leader of that coin. He vowed that he would ride them either to the stratosphere or to Hell Earth. In any case, he doesn’t sell. He eventually announced that he had invested $ 40,000 in SafeMoon and that he would support it 100 percent. Reiterating that he has no idea what it is doing and that he does not give financial advice, Portnoy continued, “It could be a Ponzi program. I like the word « moon » because I want to go there. « Since the press conference, many have left Twitter with mixed feelings about his choice of Shitcoin.

Thank you to the 1.5 million people who saw this video and to the #SAFEMOONARMY who made the #SAFEMOON trend all day. I am humble to be part of what I am part of. Hopefully the #crypto community can come together. Love not peace. Remember, we are all magic coins.

I’ve never been more confident about supporting #SAFEMOON. Little did I know that all of this hatred and jealousy existed in #crypto. But as Reggie Jackson once said, « fans boo no nobodies ». If people are so scared of the #SAFEMOONARMY, it means I picked the right one

Let’s bet 1 million cash. I am paying for an independent auditor that we agree on and giving you full transparency home. I’m the only honest guy left. Or if you are a poor person you can bet 10k. Or any amount you want

In other cryptocurrency news, Elon Musk impersonators reportedly made $ 2 million from cryptocurrency scams.

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