CM – Dodgers go back to work with a big offensive night in Colorado


DENVER – Everyone should be so productive when they get back to work after their vacation.

The Dodgers returned to work after the four-day All-Star hiatus and promptly scored five runs in the first 13 minutes on Coors Field, beating the Colorado Rockies 10-4 on Friday night.

« Right now it’s about winning the division, » said Dodgers catcher Will Smith of the focus on the second half. “It’s going to be a tight, tight race that I feel like for the rest of the year. There are a few other good teams in our division that we have to compete with. It just takes every single game to see what we do, do what we do and win a series of ball games.  »

While other corners of NL West have risen against them – the San Francisco Giants and San Diego Padres also won first place on Friday – the Dodgers still dominate the Rockies.

You have beaten them seven times in eight games this year (the only opening day loss) with a combined score of 54:32, 14 times in 18 games in the last two seasons, and have been 42-15 against since 2018 the rockies. This is the best record of a National League team against a division opponent during that time.

« I may have been a little guilty, » said Dodgers manager Dave Roberts as he followed the Giants and Padres on the scoreboard that forms the right wall of the field at Coors Field. “It was the big win for the old school Chargers – what’s their name now, the Washington Football Team? You got a two point conversion too late. No, I watched. It’s right in my face. But still focused on our boys.  »

The Rockies had their own problems on Friday. Four players – including planned starter Antonio Senzatela – manager Bud Black and first base coach Ron Gideon were all unavailable due to positive COVID tests or contact tracing logs.

Chi Chi Gonzalez has been pushed onto the starting grid and his ERA will continue to show the grades for some time.

« It was a little crazy not knowing who was going to play, not knowing if we were going to play what was going to happen, » said Smith. “But we had met him several times. That familiarity was nice to go into. ”

Mookie Betts greeted Gonzalez with a double. After Max Muncy showed up, Gonzalez pitched Justin Turner, went with Smith, and gave Cody Bellinger a single with two runs. Chris Taylor followed with a triple home run.

Betts looked just as refreshed as anyone on Friday. The double was the first of three hits for him, earning him back-to-back three-hit games – apart from a four-day break for Betts, who cited « nagging things » as a reason to skip the All-Star game. He has played multi-hit games in his last three, the first time this season he has played three multi-hit games in a row.

« He looked (looked refreshed), » said Roberts of Betts. “I know he missed the all-star game, the celebrations, the fans to see. But to come home, to reorient yourself, to clear your head and put your body in order – he was in a good place.  »

The first five-run inning marked the eighth time the Dodgers had run five or more in one inning this month.

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He drove two runs in the fourth with a double, then two more in the fifth with a base-laden single. Betts also drove in a run with a victim fly in the fifth.

All of this offensive must have made pitcher Julio Urias (who contributed a single and scored a run) a familiar feeling. In its 19 starts this season, the Dodgers have averaged more than 6-1 / 2 runs, scoring nine or more in eight of those games.

« I know the kind of insult we have, » said Urias through an interpreter, smiling when asked if he had a « secret » way of inspiring this insult. “I try not to get too involved. I just try to go out there and do my thing and do the pitches that I have to do. If the offensive gives you the kind of cushion they gave me, then of course it’s a little easier to pitch.  »

Urias (12-3) stepped into the sixth inning, leaving C.J. Cron only got a Grand Slam, who sailed 465 feet into the left field seats.

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