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DUP chief Edwin Poots reportedly lost an internal vote in his party’s assembly group on a motion to translate debates into Irish and Ulster Scots at the same time.

The request for language translation is expected to be negotiated before the meeting on Tuesday evening around 6:00 p.m.

Simultaneous translation of the assembly business into Irish and Ulster Scots is part of a commitment agreed by the Executive Ministers under the New Decade, New Approach Deal who restored power-sharing in January 2020.

According to BBC NI journalist Gareth Gordon, the DUP will vote against the motion, with Mr Poots choosing to abstain on the motion.

It is reported that Mr Poots lost the vote in his parliamentary group of the party assembly by 11 to 9 votes.

The hearing of @edwinpootsmla lost today e A vote in his @duponline meeting group on a later vote on plans for simultaneous translation of debates into Irish and Ulster Scots included in NDNA. He wanted to abstain, but was defeated by 11 to 9 votes, so that the DUP will vote against

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Before the vote, TUV Leader Jim Allister said, “We hear a lot that mutual respect and partnership are the only way forward, but these proposals are likely to be rammed by the congregation without cross-community approval.

« Much has been said about the need to keep Stormont alive in the interests of health, but today the Assembly will vote to waste £ 344,000 a year on unnecessary translation services.

 » Aggressively promoting the Irish language and the lavish spending of public money on it shown in this step is just a taste of what lies ahead should an Irish language law be imposed on the people of Northern Ireland, ”he added.

The report on intra-party divisions comes amid escalating tensions between the DUP and Sinn Fein over Irish language legislation after Sinn Fein Wes tminster had urged Prime Ministers in Stormont to legislate for the provision of the Irish language.

The new DUP Education Secretary Michelle McIlveen has urged Northern Irish Foreign Secretary Brandon Lewis to be careful when it comes to Stormont- Intervene in matters to pass Irish language laws at Westminster.

During a visit to a Belfast elementary school on Tuesday, Ms. McIlveen said: “Of course, Sinn Fein took the transition opportunity to address this issue.

« There are other important issues for Northern Ireland in terms of the economy and getting out of the pandemic, issues related to education, health and infrastructure.

 » I appreciate that you went to the Secretary of State and we have seen the Foreign Minister interfere in decentralized affairs before and we therefore urge caution in this regard: i Especially if he wants to respect the decentralization package.

« This is a really fluid situation and obviously there will be discussions for the next few days. »

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