CM – Elon Musk says the hustle and bustle over the hosting site for « SNL » is « a lot of ado about nothing ».


Rocket man Elon Musk exclusively tells Page 6 that the rumors that the cast of « Saturday Night Live » are upset, that he has been chosen to host this weekend’s show, are « much ado about nothing » and that everyone is friendly and works with him.

Last week, « SNL » stars, including Bowen Yang, seemed upset about Musk’s hosting gig. After the Tesla CEO wrote, « Let’s find out how live » Saturday Night Live « really is, » Yang replied, « What the hell does that even mean? »

Aidy Bryant seemed a blow to the SpaceX pioneer by tweeted a quote from Bernie Sanders that said, « The 50 richest people in America today are more wealthy than the bottom half of our people. »

But when he asked 49-year-old Musk how the rehearsals were going in the face of the hustle and bustle and speculation, he only told us that everything was « Much Ado About Nothing ».

When asked if everyone be friendly and willing to work with him, the extremely succinct mogul simply told us, « Yes. »

A source told Page 6 last week that performers who are upset with the host choice don’t sketch have to appear with them.

« Historically, if a performer was this unhappy, he doesn’t have to, » a source told us. « [‘SNL’ boss Lorne Michaels] will never get them to do something they don’t want. »

Musk asked for ‘sketch’ ideas on Twitter this week, throwing ideas like ‘Woke James Bond « , » Baby Shark & Shark Tank merge into Baby Shark Tank « and » Irony Man – defeat bad guys with the power of irony « .

Actor Chris Redd replied, joking » First I would call Em Sketches « with one laughing emoji.

The outspoken tech mogul recently wooed the COVID-19 controversy, suggesting he would not take the vaccine – before reversing course – and mistakenly predicted it in the US last year by At the end of the year there will be « probably almost no new cases » in April 2020 and the term coronavirus lockdown measures « fascist ».

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