CM – Exclusive interview – Max Minghella and Marisol Nichols about spiral: From the book of the saw


Working on a movie in the Saw franchise is a unique experience. Although the newest entry, Spiral: From The Book of Saw, has nothing to do with the other episodes, the filmmakers are still going through a lot for these films.

In a recent interview with EJ Moreno, Marisol Nichols and Max Minghella explores what it’s like to work on a film like this one. Minghella also reveals what it’s like to work on a movie with legendary actor Chris Rock.

Watch Max Minghella’s interview here and follow us on YouTube for more exclusive interviews and videos.

In her interview, Nichols tells how one loves horror films and whether she found out how the film works when reading the script. Check out her interview below:

A criminal mastermind unleashes a twisted form of justice in Spiral, the terrifying new chapter in the book Saw. In the shadow of his father, a respected police veteran (Samuel L. Jackson), brazen detective Ezekiel « Zeke » Banks (Chris Rock) and his rookie partner (Max Minghella) work on a gruesome investigation into murders that eerily remind of them the gruesome Past of the city. Unintentionally, Zeke finds himself in a deepening puzzle, at the center of the killer’s pathological game.

Spiral stars Chris Rock, Max Minghella, Marisol Nichols and Samuel L. Jackson are part of the original Saw team of Mark Burg and Oren Koules produced. The film is directed by Darren Lynn Bousman and written by Josh Stolberg. & Pete Goldfinger.

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