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Brit Lando Norris was the last to collapse on the track when he lost control of his McLaren after the rear crashed into the crash barriers at Eau Rouge.

McLaren driver Lando Norris’ car sits on a low-loader after an accident during qualifying at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit. AP photo

Spa-Francorchamps: On Saturday, questions about the safety of the legendary Raidillon-Eau Rouge track in Spa were asked within 24 hours after a second heartbreaking high-speed accident.

Briton Lando Norris was the last one on the track collapsed when he lost control of his McLaren after the rear crashed into the crash barriers at Eau Rouge.

« For me it’s horrible to see. For a lot of people in the paddock, it reminds us of the dark days from before two years ago. We lost a friend and a great driver, Anthoine, at the same time, « said Charles Leclerc.

The Ferrari driver flashed back to 2019 when his friend Anthoine Hubert, 22, at a Formula 2 Race was killed and had a pile-up after sweeping up the famous hill with a 17 percent incline and curve.

« It’s very sad to see another accident here. I was happy to see thatLando is fine even though he had to go to the hospital for an examination. « 

Leclerc added: » Something is planned for this turnaround in the future, so that’s good to know « .

There was qualifying on Friday The W Series crashed six cars while Williams F1 reserve driver Jack Aitken was involved in another accident at the Spa 24 Hours earlier this year.

« That was very scary, but I think I had an angel on my shoulder, « Visser tweeted from her hospital bed.

Despite the falls, improvements are planned in the run-up to the motorcycle endurance world championship in Spa in June next year.

The plans see an expansion and the Paving gravel banks on five corners ahead – La Source, Raidillon, Blanchimont, Les Combes and Stavelot.

« I think at Eau Rouge it is probably too easy for us to go much faster than we should here », said the four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel.

« I think a few years ago it was even tighter. We’re probably here too fast now. « 

 » With a different barrier you can probably avoid some accidents, but it’s still a high speed corner. It’s the nature of the track and that makes it special. « 

 » Of course there is a danger factor, but I like Eau Rouge the way it is, « said Hamilton, the current championship leader.

 » I think , you should just get rid of the ‘bump’ and then leave Eau Rouge as it is. « 

 » You shouldn’t change the layout of the track, but open up the evacuation zone a little, « said the Australian.

« It’s a fun and iconic turn, but when things go bad it’s still a big accident. So if you don’t change the route but improve safety, I’ll be fine. « 

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August 29, 2021 5:10:44 pm IST


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