CM – « Framework, detailed, time-bound COVID vaccine policy and action plan »: Over 500 prominent citizens appeal to PM


The letter, signed by organizations from 22 states and union territories, urged Modi to remove « barriers » to vaccine production through modes such as the waiver of intellectual property rights.

Published: May 18, 2021 10:08 PM |

Last updated: May 18, 2021 10:24 p.m.

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A woman takes a selfie while receiving the Covishield vaccine against COVID-19 in Gauhati, Assam. (Photo | AP)

NEW DELHI: Over 500 prominent doctors, doctors, economists, trade unions and human rights groups have reached out to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to ensure the COVID-19 vaccines reach the endangered and emerging manufacturers, to resolve bottlenecks.

The letter, signed by organizations from 22 states and union territories, urged Modi to remove « barriers » to vaccine production through modes such as the waiver of intellectual property rights in order to achieve universal coverage.

« We urge you to take steps to ensure a vaccine for the people. To this end, a detailed, time-bound and transparent COVID-19 vaccine policy and action plan should be established in consultation with the states and the experts and citizens of India are created overall and ensure transparency in contractual agreements that the government has made with the pharmaceutical sector « , he eat it in the letter.

They urged the government to ensure that the vaccine is purchased at real cost and made available to everyone free of charge. Its equitable distribution, prioritizing risk groups, is sensitive to the existence of the digital divide and can reach the people at risk there they are.

They also called for large-scale vaccine procurement by the central government at regulated prices that would boost the finances of Indian states don’t paralyze or pit them against each other in search of scarce life-saving vaccines.

« Immediately improve public health spending and do everything possible to achieve this through all possible steps, including mandatory vaccine approval and building vaccine manufacturing capacities in the public sector to strengthen the public health system and be better prepared for the next potential.  » Wave of pandemic, « they said.

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Among the Organizations That Can Letter signed belonged to Oxfam and the Forum for Medical Ethics Society, while economists Jean Dreze and Jayati Ghosh were among the citizens who made the appeal.

Meanwhile, COVID levels are more than 1.94 crore in states and Union Territories -19 doses of vaccine available while being administered a lakh shock within the next three days, the center said Tuesday.

In a statement, the Union Department of Health said that states and UTs have had more than 20, 78 crore vaccine doses have been made available.

« The government has more than 20.78 crore vaccine doses (20,78,04,890) available to states / UTs through both the free cost category and the direct government procurement category posed. This accounts for the total consumption including waste 18,83,47,432 cans (according to data available today at 8 a.m.), « it said.

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« More than 1.94 crore COVID vaccine doses (1.94,57,458) are still available from the states / UTs to be administered. Additionally, 1 lakh (1,00,000) doses of vaccine are in the pipeline and are being received by the states /. UTs within the next three days, « the ministry said.

The ministry also announced that in the second quarter of May 2021 (May 18-31, 2021) 1.95 doses of crore would be approved by the government of all states / UT would be provided free of charge.

« In addition, 72.40 lakh doses would be available for direct state / UT procurement, » it said.

The cumulative number of COVID administered in the country -19 vaccine doses exceeded 18.57 crore.

It is said that 5,14,408 beneficiaries in the 18-44 age group received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine on Tuesday and since the start of the third Phase of the vaccination campaign a total of 64,60,624 in 36 states and union territories.

The 64,60,624 beneficiaries include 10,10,263 from Rajasthan, 8,67,815 from Bihar, 7,69,590 from Delhi, 6,60,686 from Maharashtra, 6, 38,790 from Uttar Pradesh, 5,46,468 from Haryana and 5,12,689 from Gujarat and 3 08,282 from Assam.

The cumulia The number of COVID-19 vaccine doses administered in the country is 18,57,66,518 at 8 p.m. according to a preliminary report, the ministry said.

The total of 18,57,66,518 includes 96,73,302 healthcare workers ( HCWs) who took the first dose, 66,58,820 HCWs who took the second dose, 1,45,65,255 frontline workers (FLWs) who received the first dose, 82,29,693 FLWs who took the second dose and 64,60,624 people in the 18- to 44-year-old age group who received the first dose.

In addition, 5,80,37,874 and 93,49,575 beneficiaries between the ages of 45 and 60 were the First and second dose administered, while 5,48,13,626 and 1,79,77,749 beneficiaries over the age of 60 took the first and second dose the second dose.

As on day 123 of the vaccination campaign (18 . May) a total of 12,79,896 vaccine doses were administered.

The ministry announced that 10,96,815 beneficiaries were vaccinated for the first dose and 1,83,081 beneficiaries received the second vaccine dose by 8:00 p.m., according to the preliminary report.

The vaccination as an instrument to protect the most vulnerable population groups in the country from COVID-19 will continue to be regularly checked and monitored at the highest level, emphasized the ministry.

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