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CM – German business people are demanding more measures against climate change from the new government – The Times Hub

October 11, 2021

The German economy, from the sporting goods manufacturer Adidas to the electricity company Vattenfall, today called on the parties that are examining the possibility of a governing coalition after the latest legislation in Germany to take more vigorous measures against climate change seize. « The expansion of renewable energies and the necessary electrical distribution networks must be massively accelerated », write a total of 69 large consortia, including the insurance company Allianz, the electricity companies EnBW and E.on or the IT SAP, in a letter in which they emphasize that “By 2030, at least 70% of the growing electricity consumption must be covered by renewable energies”. So far it has not reached 50%. « The operating capacities of wind energy on land and water as well as photovoltaics must be tripled, » demand the companies mentioned.

The appeal drawn up by the “Fundación 2 degree” business initiative calls for sufficient space to be made available for new energy parks and for existing systems to be modernized. In addition to other measures, it will be possible to create “the prerequisites for phasing out coal as an energy source well before 2038”, a goal of the outgoing government of Chancellor Angela Merkel, which is expected to be corrected to include the deadlines for the new managing director German. With their letter, the large consortia want to influence the future government’s climate policy even before it negotiates a specific coalition agreement. The German economy « urgently needs a broad and specific program of measures for climate policy », say the consortia, which are calling for the new government to « launch an offensive on climate neutrality » in the first 100 days, so that by 2030 the country will reduce its pollutant emissions by 65% ​​per year 1990.

They also demand “a climate-friendly reform of the tax system, rates and contributions” in order to have clear framework conditions for their strategies as soon as possible. Many consortia hope that the reform of the German economy will generate new business. In this sense, they emphasize that « the development of key technologies and infrastructures to achieve climate neutrality must not be delayed by long and complicated planning and approval processes » or that « public funds must be used more to mobilize private capital » investments in climate-neutral future technologies « . They also demand that the prices for CO2 emissions be “further developed and increased” in order to relieve companies and consumers in terms of electricity consumption. The call by almost 70 German consortia from all economic sectors is the largest event to date that calls for an ambitious climate protection program. The undersigned companies generate annual sales of more than one billion euros and employ more than five million people worldwide.

In the meantime, the delegations of the SPD, the Greens and the Liberal Party (FDP) have met again to analyze in detail the start of negotiations on a government alliance. A date that is scheduled for 10 hours of conservation and where they hope to move forward on the most conflicting issues, including the country’s finances and budgets. By this Friday they hope to be able to decide whether a three-party coalition with the Social Democrat Olaf Scholz as the new Federal Chancellor is possible. « In reality, failure is not an option, » said Green Co-President Robert Habeck, who admitted that the finances of these contacts were « a huge problem ». Despite everything, he was optimistic that when the polls seem to stall, « take a look at what would be lost if we don’t get there, and I think we’ll be making a pineapple again before that » . The environmental chief emphasized that this week « the time of the imagination » begins to get the three formations to finally reach an agreement.

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