CM – Government introduces bespoke visa policies based on the treatment of Indian tourists


Since India wants to open its border to foreign tourists, the central government has decided on a « mutual treatment » of applicants under new visa conditions. Visa facilitation depends on the applicant’s home country policy towards Indian tourists.

A senior Interior Ministry (MHA) official told ANI news agency that a meeting was held last week attended by representatives of all concerned authorities to resolve any issues arising from such a situation, chaired by the Union’s Interior Ministers.

« At the meeting, it was decided to grant reciprocity to tourists visiting India. Many countries have opened up to foreign tourists but have imposed several restrictions on Indian travelers. The issues were raised with the diplomats of the affected countries to resolve issues to solve. » « Added the officer.

All arriving international tourists may need to show their Covid-19 vaccination card or undergo a quarantine period or face rejection depending on how they treat Indian tourists visiting their country.

Therefore, the relevant officials must review each application against the latest rules, rather than the standard rules that were in place 18 months ago when tourist visas were first withdrawn in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

Separately, the government has also held discussions with the tour operator association, the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Aviation and other stakeholders to set the framework.

A final decision on the matter will be made at the next meeting, which will be chaired by the Cabinet Secretary, which is scheduled for next week. Important breakthroughs during this time or ongoing diplomatic negotiations can also occur in the meeting.

However, in order to boost tourism, the government had already announced that it would provide free visas to the first five foreign tourists who reached the Indian coast before March 31, 2022.

Kenya, Srilanka, United Arab Emirates, Mauritius, Egypt, Russia, Iceland, Great Britain, Uzbekistan, Italy and several other countries have opened their borders to Indian tourists, but with conditions such as quarantine time, fully vaccinated, mandatory RT-PCR report or Covid -Test on arrival.

Before the tourist visas were suspended, almost 7-8 lakh tourists came to India every month.

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