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GREENFIELD – Five candidates are vying for three vacant seats on the school committee and one vote on a proposed change to the city charter peak vote on Tuesday.

Candidates for the school committee include incumbents Glenn Johnson-Mussad and Susan Hollins as well the newcomers Daryl Essensa, Kathryn Lynn Martini and Elizabeth Ann Deneeve. Johnson-Mussad, Martini and Deneeve acted as the “slate” of candidates as evidence of their shared values.

Committee member Katie Caron will not stand for re-election after four years on the committee.

The only question on Tuesday’s ballot aims to reduce the number of signatures required by the Charter for a citizens’ initiative petition from the current 10% of voters in the last biennial city election to 7% of all registered voters in most cases change to last biennial city elections.

A referendum is the procedure used when a resident wishes to challenge a city council vote. Before a question can be put to the vote, a minimum number of signatures must be collected from the residents.

The 7% recommended to the full council by the Appointments and Regulations Committee shows a compromise between those who wanted a return to the 5% of registered voters called for by the original Charter in 2000 – before it was changed to the current threshold in 2010 – and the 10% of registered voters in the last biennial election recommended by the now defunct Charter Review Committee.

If the vote is “yes”, the threshold for the required signatures is increased ; In the event of a “no” vote, the threshold will be retained where it currently is.

On the city council ballot is City Council President Penny Ricketts, who is the unchallenged candidate for one of the two seats for city councilors; District Councilor Sheila Gilmour, who is standing unchallenged for another four-year term; and District Council 8 Douglas Mayo, who is standing for another four-year term.

Marianne Bullock is standing for District 5 Councilor, currently held by Tim Dolan and whose term ends this year; and Jasper Lapienski is running for the city council of Precinct 7, a position currently held by Otis Wheeler, whose term also ends this year.

While the ballot itself does not present any competitive races for the city council – with no candidates for Precinct 9 city council currently occupied by Norman Hirschfeld, and none for the city council office currently held by Ashli ​​Stempel-Rae – write – campaigns have turned at least two races into competitive races. The term of office of Hirschfeld and Stempel-Rae ends this year.

Thanks to writing campaigns – at least four candidates have turned to the Greenfield Recorder – districts 7 and 9 are hotly contested.

Candidate Carisa Clifford is running against Lapienski for four-year tenure in District 7. Clifford, a registered nurse since 1995, said that as a councilor she would encourage residents to come up with their concerns. Her biggest motivator for running, she said, is a desire to get more involved in how the city’s money is spent.

Resident Mike Corona announced last month his intention to run an enrollment campaign to represent Precinct 9. Corona recently returned to Greenfield with his wife, who grew up in Franklin County, before moving to Manhattan. Together they run a construction and property management company. Corona said he was running in Greenfield to « stand up for people who feel their voices have not been heard ».

Derek Helie has also announced an ad campaign to represent Precinct 9. Helie said he and his wife are active in the Greenfield school system and that he had previously worked as a site manager at JM Smucker’s jelly factory. He believes in reducing the tax burden, widening access to GCET in his district, and finding ways to bring the business back to Greenfield.

Michael Terounzo, who also ran for the city council in 2019, announced his candidacy for one of the vacant seats in September. Terounzo is a longtime resident of the city and is currently raising two children in the Greenfield school system. He advocates a commitment to invest in education and a desire to give back to the community in which he grew up.

Although two candidates – James Geisman and Robert Wolanske – are on the ballot for a four-year term on the advisory board, city clerk Kathy Scott has confirmed that Wolanske has submitted a resignation.

“However, this was tabled after the deadline for removing it from the ballot; The law requires that person to still appear on the ballot, ”Scott wrote in an email. “People can vote for that person; All votes that person receives are counted. If they get the most votes, I will go to the prosecution and the elections. ”

■ Trustees of A.K. Warner Trust Fund, three two-year seats: Sally Ahearn and Marilyn Hannan.

The Domestic Violence Division of the Northwest Public Prosecutor’s Office hosted a two-hour webinar on Thursday that featured around 100 …

Editor’s note: James Geisman is running for a four-year term on the Advisory Board in the November 2nd election. Geisman is one of two candidates …

GREENFIELD – The last two virtual programs of the Senior Symposia of the Greenfield Community College this fall are different in terms of content.

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