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Happy Easter! Christ is risen! wishes all believers who celebrate the resurrection of Christ a Happy Easter, the greatest Christian holiday.

The midnight Easter liturgy in the Temple of Saint Save was served by the newly elected Vicar Bishop Stefan von Remesiana. His Holy Patriarch of Serbia Porfirije will serve the liturgy of the Holy Hierarch in the Church of St. Sava on Easter, May 2nd, from 9 a.m., announced the Serbian Orthodox Church. Orthodox Christians gathered today at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem to participate in the rite of the invocation of the Holy Fire, traditionally held on Holy Saturday, the day before Easter, the greatest Christian holiday. The number of believers this year is far higher than last year as the anti-epidemic-restrictive measures of the Israeli government were lifted. To reiterate, this is the second Easter celebrated in the world during the coronavirus pandemic.

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, congratulated the Serbian Patriarch Porfirije, the clergy, the monks and everyone on Easter Believers celebrating the greatest Christian holiday on the Julian calendar. « May the eternal joy of the resurrection be a source of inspiration to always give the right answer in times of various challenges and difficulties and to testify that we are worthy descendants of Stefan Nemanja, Saint Sava and all other saints of the Serbian people » Congratulatory message reads. The Serbian President added that the Easter spirit is an « eternal inspiration » that everyone should work together warmly and passionately for the well-being and progress of Serbia, the Serbian Orthodox Church and the Serbian people. On behalf of the Serbian government, Prime Minister Ana Brnabić wished the Orthodox believers a Happy Easter, noting that citizens welcome the happiest Christian holiday of the year « more than before and with faith and hope that we will return to the way of life. » that made us happy to meet our neighbors. «  » Over the past year we have shown that together we can meet all the challenges that the pandemic brings for the world and fight hard for the life and health of every person, because health is the greatest value and treasure. We have shown that Solidarity, responsibility and empathy are virtues that we must promote and pass on to the younger generation in order to build a better future for society as a whole and for all people, ”Brnabić explained in the message. The President of the Serbian Assembly, Ivica Dačić, wished a happy Easter, adding that this holiday should remind us that « life always brings victory over death » and « fills us with hope and strength to face problems fight that still threaten the health and life of our people. «  » In the days of the Easter holidays we must turn to unity and solidarity with our neighbors, because only in this way can our lives be fulfilled and worthy for better days, all of us greet each other in harmony and attention.  » said Dačić. In his Easter greeting, Foreign Minister Nikola Selaković stated that with the recent election of Patriarch Porfirije, the Serbian Orthodox Church and its faithful had received a « brave spiritual leader » who was ready to face all temptations that Serbia and the Church face. « On this holiday let me emphasize my firm conviction that with a dignified and conscientious management of the Serbian Orthodox Church, with wise words and deeds, you will spread the spirit of unity and solidarity between Church and State on the path of protection and maintenance become our tradition, belief and identity, especially when it comes to our people and the Serbian spiritual heritage in Kosovo, Metohija and the region, « said Selakovic. Easter is the essence of Christian teaching and means the resurrection of Christ from the dead as the victory of faith and life over death. People greet each other on this holiday with « Christ is risen! » and « Indeed he is risen! » In the churches it is sung: « Christ has risen from the dead, he has overcome the power of death … ». The resurrection of Christ as good news of the gospel and as an irrefutable fact is the firm foundation and heart of the Christian faith. It has become a new birth of humanity for eternal life and a door that leads into the world of a new, transfigured reality, the reality of the glory of the heavenly kingdom. The words of the Holy Apostle Paul fully confirm this when he said: « But now Christ has risen from the dead and has become the first fruits of those who fell asleep » (1 Corinthians 15:20) God, spreading His The poor on the cross have embraced and drawn all human beings and all of creation to themselves and have come to dwell in us as eternal love, full of grace and truth. Therefore, comparing ourselves to Him, let us embrace one another with God’s crucified and risen love! Not just those who love us, but our enemies too! Let us forgive them because the Lord forgave us also our sins on the cross and said, « Father, forgive them because they do not know what they are doing. » (Luke 23:34) As all of these Orthodox Christians around the world today express these truths with one mouth and one heart, we exclaim, « This is the day of the resurrection. Let us be enlightened by the feast. Let us be one another embrace. » Calling « brethren » of those who hate us and forgiving all through the resurrection, we exclaim: Christ has risen from the dead, trampling down death after death and on those in the graves who give life. « Orthodox Christians in more than 60 countries around the world, including Serbia, celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. Easter on the Julian calendar is celebrated by the Russian, Serbian, Georgian, Constantinople, Greek, Bulgarian, Jerusalem and other Orthodox churches. Serbian Patriarch Porfirije said in his Easter message that the thoughts and prayers of the Serbian Orthodox Church today are dedicated to all patients, especially those infected with the COVID-19 virus, as well as all doctors and medical staff who, he said, fight selflessly and risk their lives to save those suffering from coronavirus and other diseases. In the first Easter letter since taking office as the first among equals, the Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church Porfirije called for fraternal harmony with all bishops, internal church, and then national, linguistic and cultural unity of all. « Do not allow time and Circumstances separate you and separate you. a And so from the mother church! Despite the fact that you are constantly under a certain amount of pressure that leads to disagreement and debate among you, we ask the Risen Lord that you rise in him and find strength for your unity and virtue for fraternal harmony, « said Patriarch Porfirije It is a custom among Christians to prepare colored eggs for Easter with Christian symbols drawn on them. The egg is a symbol of the renewal of nature and life. This custom relates to the day on which Mary Magdalene, who was preaching the Gospel in Rome, the emperor reached Tiberius, to whom she brought a basket of eggs as a gift. The king did not believe in the resurrection of Christ and said it was as if the white eggs in the basket were changing their color. Mary Magdalene said: « Christ is risen » , and all the eggs in the basket turned red. ”According to another legend, the people of Jerusalem mocked the Christians that Christ was not risen because it was un possible, just as it is impossible for chickens to lay red eggs. The following year, on Easter day, all of the chickens in Jerusalem laid red eggs. The red color is a symbol of joy and resurrection, and the first red egg will be kept until next Easter as the « guardian », the protector of the family.

In Serbia, as of the last report, 1,374 new cases of COVID-19 had been confirmed while 24 people died from coronavirus-related diseases

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