CM – HPE is adding storage as a service to GreenLake


HPE has added storage as a service to its GreenLake cloud service offering and expects its channel to take over the baton and take advantage of the additional features it now offers.

The company has 80,000 partners worldwide, with 70 % of its revenue comes from partners and uses its GreenLake subscription model as a key channel play. The provider saw channeled orders for GreenLake up 85% year over year.

The latest addition to GreenLake includes a cloud data services console that enables partners to deliver operational flexibility and unified data operations as a service. Data services that include software subscription options and automated infrastructure management tools; plus HPE Alletra, a portfolio of cloud-native data infrastructures that work with data on the edge.

Tom Black, senior vice president and general manager of the storage business at HPE, said he wanted to give customers choice and partners options Offer. « We’re giving channel partners the opportunity to be part of a customer’s cloud transformation journey, which increases intimacy and relevance, » he said.

« It expands the possibilities for services for the channel partner to do things in Monetize in terms of performance and efficiency that may have been more difficult in the past, « added Black, saying partners would now have a closer relationship with customers and be part of the cloud conversation.

 » HPE is changing the game of memory by providing a complete cloud operating model for our customers’ on-premise environments, « he added. “Bringing the cloud operating model to a place where data lives will accelerate digital transformation, streamline data management, and help our customers innovate faster than ever.” Black said the recent steps are Part of a commitment HPE made a few years ago to deliver its portfolio as a service to partners and customers.

« We focused on that cloud operating experience and focused on this cloud business model and customer flexibility and giving them the choice of how to partner with us as a strategic cloud provider, « he added.

Antonio Neri, President and CEO of HPE, said it had responded to customer demand for one easier way to handle their data.

« Businesses are faced with a complex network of fragmented hardware, software, and manual processes that make it difficult for them t compete and innovate in an ever-changing marketplace, « he said.

Neri added that the Storage-as-a-Service tools would help customers access and manage data wherever you are in your infrastructure. « With the dawn of the ‘Age of Insight,’ HPE provides the ideal platform for companies looking to use distributed data to drive artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives, enable new customer experiences, and drive digital transformation. »

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