CM – I called Sachin Tendulkar and sought his help after the 2014 England tour: the Indian captain Virat Kohli


Virat Kohli is currently leading the Indian team in the five-game test series against England that began on Wednesday.

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Last updated: August 04, 2021 9:01 PM

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NOTTINGHAM: Between the ups and downs in England and Australia in 2014, Indian captain Virat Kohli sought help from the legendary Sachin Tendulkar, whereupon he became « absolutely fearless » of Mitchell Johnson.

Kohli currently leads the Indian team in the five-game test series against England that began here on Wednesday.

« You know that when you play at this level for a long time you tend to get into one area where you get a little insecure and anxious. You want to show people how good you are in different conditions, « Kohli told Sky Sports in an interview that aired on Sony Six.

Kohli experienced A disastrous tour of England in 2014, recording scores of 1, 8, 25, 0, 39, 28, 0, 7, 6 and 20 in five tests, for an average of 13.50 in 10 innings.

Then roared However, he again i n form and collected 692 runs in the test series.

« To be honest, before this tour of Australia I treated every foreign tour like an engineering exam that I somehow have to pass and have to show people that I am at this level can play ”, remembers the maestro.

Kohli also said that during this break he recognized who was with him and who wasn’t.

 » I noticed that as soon as you were downstairs and outside , hardly anyone came to help me, there was hardly anyone who looked up to me and said, listen up, let’s work together and you know, trying to bring your game up to date, everyone was just walking left, right and in the middle after, « Kohli recalled.

 » Well, I was like playing to prove to these people for a long time that I have nothing to do with them, they literally have nothing to do with my life « He added.

 » So I went home, I was pretty down on that Great thing that happened at that point was realizing who was with me and who was not, things got filtered so that I just got so relaxed when I went home, I was fine. </ "I've hit rock bottom now, nobody believes in me, everyone thinks I shouldn't play test cricket so what can I do, I can just work as hard as I can," he explained.

He said that during his training sessions he imagined how he would meet former Australian speedster Mitchell Johnson, who was at his peak at the time.

« I got into a bubble, I went to Bombay too, I called Sachin Tendulkar on, I asked for his help, I said I want to get my game right, I want to understand what it’s like to get runs at this level. my mindset was simple.

« I went home and said to myself, listen, you can’t play test cricket to show people that you can play in England, Australia and you won’t get out. » / p> « If you don’t score, it’s not a point, you play this game so your team wins. So my mindset was that I was going to Australia and how I was going to score runs against these guys.

 » I wasn’t there to survive, and from the time I got back home to the Australia tour, I promise you that every day when I worked out at the gym I would imagine beating Mitchell Johnson, me beat these guys all over the park.

« These things finally came to life because, to a certain extent, I convinced myself. When I went there, I was absolutely fearless and things just started to flow, « he recalls.

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