CM – Ice addiction greatly reduces former NRL to « wretched state » ????


A former NRL streaker caught on 29 grams of methylamphetamines said his diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia led to ice abuse.

The great Brett Dallas of the state of origin was released from custody after he turned 10 , Spent 5 months in jail, including for increased drug possession.

It is a tragic crash for a man who was once considered a rugby league winger and who no rival could catch from behind.

Am Monday the Mackay Supreme Court heard him return to Mackay after his marriage collapse, and in his hometown he became involved with a woman who was alleged to be a « heavy » woman. Drug user â ???? and he started using.

At the height of his career, the Mackay talent, dubbed one of the fastest men in the sport, had a seven-figure contract. Now he has a disability pension and will face jail time for the next 20 months.

In May 2020, police executed a search warrant on behalf of Dallas’ partner Debby Suk Ching Lau at a Slade Point home. < Officers allegedly found 29,175 grams of ice in a hidden compartment in the oven, $ 7,670 in cash, numerous used and unused clip-seal bags, drug paraphernalia, Cryovac bags and a Cryovac machine. There were also two marijuana plants in the back yard. As a result, Dallas and Ms. Lau were billed based on the amount. Value between $ 3000 and $ 8000 â ???? was for a commercial purpose. Her case is still in court.

This was months after the 46-year-old stood in Mackay Magistrates Court for his 10th theft and had an opportunity to seek advice before the case was closed.

The court heard during a bail motion that Dallas fully admitted the methylamphetamines were his.

Defense attorney Scott McLennan said his client was diagnosed with late-onset paranoid schizophrenia in 2014 who was « completely unrelated from drug use « .

 » Just a sad and unfortunate development that turned Mr. Dallas life upside down, « Mr. McLennan said.

Dallas is best for a 90-yard breakaway attempt in 1995 remembered who helped secure Queensland’s victory in the Origin series. He retired in 2007 after seven seasons in the English Super League.

« This is not a case of a professional athlete feeling lost at the end of his career, » Mr McLennan said.

Unfortunately his marriage? from whom he has two children ???? collapsed in 2011. He moved back to Mackay two years later and his mental health deteriorated.

As a result of his diagnosis, Mr. McLennan said Dallas had received monthly depo shots that caused extreme lethargy to the point where he was struggling to get out of bed.

« It was very difficult for someone who in the past was a top athlete and also a craftsman at the end of his career as a professional footballer. » Mr McLennan said. He tried ice cream and Mr McLennan said the drug was « particularly attractive ». because it counteracted the depo drug.

After trying the drug, he developed a habit. Mr McLennan said some of the medication was for personal use.

Justice Graeme Crow said Dallas’ ice addiction explains his behavior that is atypical for a person of your stature.

« There are numerous Factors in Your Favor, Your Early Request, Your Full Admission, « Justice Crow said.

You have serious mental health problems. Of course, Mr. Dallas, only resorting to illicit drugs will make these serious mental health problems worse.

They are not a cure. They send you into the wretched state you are in now. “????


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