CM – In celebrating Pakistan’s victory, some Indians have turned the Indian ethos and democracy into a “mauka-ry”


None of those celebrating Pakistan’s victory would ever wish to live in Pakistan, even if invited or promised a lifetime visa

Mohammed Shami was exposed to a barrage of social media abuse following India’s defeat by Pakistan at the Group 2 T20 World Cup in Dubai. AP

In Uttar Pradesh there have been reports of arrests of people who hoisted the Pakistani flag or sang the Pakistani national anthem after the T20 World Cup game. In Kashmir, students and medical college staff have been booked under the Prevention of Illegal Activities Act (UAPA). This was the norm after every Indian-Pakistani sporting event.

All clashes between India and Pakistan on the sports field are tense and fought in front of full houses, as was seen in Dubai, where tickets were sold out weeks before the game. The loser faces a national backlash while the winner takes the loot. The victory is also used politically.

The recent World Cup match between India and Pakistan in Dubai, which Pakistan won with 10 wickets, was exactly that. Pakistani Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed declared: “The triumph of Pakistan over India is a Victory of islam. All Muslims around the world are happy. ”He added that it was comparable to winning the World Cup. On social media, he was reminded that it was a cricket game, not a war victory that Pakistan never achieved.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said in a speech at an economic forum during a visit to Saudi Arabia: « If we somehow improve our relationship with India – I know that after the Pakistani team’s whipping in the cricket match last night, that won’t be very good. » Time to talk about improving relations with India. « 

Fawad Chaudhry, Pakistan’s Minister of Information and Broadcasting, said: « The celebrations in Kashmir following the defeat of the cricket team in India should be enough to open Modi & Co’s eyes. » . The DGISPR tweeted: « The CJCSC & Services Chiefs congratulate the Pakistani cricket team on the historic victory against India in the ICC T20 World Cup. »

The trolling of Mohammad Shami partially projected the dark side of the Indian public. There is no doubt that the team made mistakes that occur when playing under pressure, but blaming one individual when the whole team has failed shows an immature mindset. Within a day everything changed and celebrities, politicians, ex-cricketers and the common Indian supported Shami. Virat Kohli faced more fireworks at the post-game conference than during the game.

It later emerged that comments against Shami came mainly from Pakistani contacts who took advantage of the moment to understand the religious divide within the country strengthen. New accounts have only been created on Instagram to promote an « India is intolerant » image. While this observation may be true, the reputation of our own public is no better. In March 2007, Indian fans tore down the walls and pillars of Dhoni’s house under construction in Ranchi to protest India’s five-wicket defeat by Bangladesh at their inaugural World Cup match.

There were reports of people inside India celebrating Pakistan’s victory with bursting crackers. In some cases, it’s hard to tell whether it was to celebrate Pakistan’s success or India’s defeat. In India, many view the defeat as a setback to the current political dispensation, which is mirrored by many on social media. Some celebrations in Jammu and Kashmir were aimed at showing anti-Indian stance. Interestingly, no one celebrating Pakistan’s victory would ever want to live in Pakistan, even if they invited or promised a lifetime visa.

Even in Pakistan, it is common to troll and insult the team after a loss. Pakistan’s captain Sarfaraz Ahmed faced the wrath of the nation after losing to India at the 2019 World Cup. Shireen Mazari, Pakistan’s Human Rights Minister, tweeted, « I don’t have to admit it, but today there was a professional, cheerful cricket team that was the Indian team and a couple of stragglers separated and led by a yawning captain who. » went through for the Pak team. ”

For the common Pakistani, the current victory meant the reassurance of the“ Mauka-Mauka ”advertisement published in 2015, which mocked Pakistan’s losses against India. The Pakistani daily Dawn captured the mood in the title of its article « Pakistan Makes Critics Mauka-Ry ».

The Dawn newspaper summed up the importance of victory for Pakistan. It reads: “With my apologies to India, Pakistan fans deserved and needed it. There is a mob on the way to the state capital, there are signs of a civil-military split, a « gasoline bomb » has recently been dropped, electricity prices have skyrocketed, a gas crisis is on the horizon, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF ) just didn’t want to let us go, and trouble is brewing in neighboring Afghanistan. In the midst of all this, the victory over India makes the whole country forget the worries of everyday life. ”

The victory also suppressed the government’s surrender to the TLP, an organization which it had banned itself in April this year. It gave Pakistani politicians much-needed respite and they took advantage of it.

India and Pakistan have had no sporting ties recently due to strained relations over terrorism and Kashmir. In the run-up to the World Cup, the game was canceled because of the ongoing operation in Poonch, in which India had lost nine soldiers. Subramanian Swamy tweeted, « Playing cricket with the terrorist Pakistan killing innocent Indians is unacceptable. »

Rivalry between India and Pakistan exists in every sporting event, including hockey and athletics. Who can forget the incident in Bhubaneshwar, where Pakistani players ran across the field after their semi-final victory over India, taking off their shirts and showing vulgar signs to the audience. We mustn’t forget the missing javelin incident between India’s golden boy in athletics Neeraj Chopra and Pakistan’s Nadeem during the Olympic Games this year.

This rivalry will not go away anytime soon. Accepting losses with maturity is more important. Likewise, by celebrating Pakistan’s victory, some Indians have turned their country’s ethos and democracy into a “mauka-ry”.

The author is a former Indian Army officer, strategic analyst and columnist. Views expressed are personal.

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October 29, 2021 4:02:02 PM IST


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