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CM – India Women vs England Women One-Off Test Day 2 Live Score – IND: 187/5: Mithali gone, India loses fast wickets after opening swing

IND W vs ENG W One-Off Test, Day 2 Live Score: IND: 187/5: Shafali Verma Misses the Century, Bristol Weather, Field Updates

India’s Shafali Verma fell against England for four centuries in a one-off test in Bristol. – Reuters

Hello and welcome to the live coverage of Day 2 of the one-off test between India Women and England Women from Bristol County Ground. This is Lavanya Lakshminarayanan walking you through today’s procedure.

Sophie Ecclestone: It shows what Test Cricket is about. It’s all about who cracks first. I think in the locker room we said we had to go ahead and dig in further. I love when Tammy caught this there (via Mithalis Wicket). That hour at the end of the game is what Test Cricket is all about. We have to pick up a couple of wickets in the morning and start hitting soon.

58.2 AND ANOTHER. Nobody wants to call DJ Khalid that, right? Punam Raut’s dangerous leaves have come back to bite. Knight sends on and hits her on the left pad. Beaumont also quickly intercepts the deflected ball just to be on the safe side. The referee says she has to go. Rough reviews and the truth stands out. Leg stump clearly knocked off during ball tracking. She has had an exhausting stay here and cannot survive the night.

47.2 OH MY. DID YOU GET MITHALI? Is there an edge there? Beaumont is confident. Referee says no. England ratings. We see an inside edge of the pad that Beaumont quickly caught. It’s a big wicket. Mithali Raj, India’s best runscorer in all formats, runs with only 2 runs in the bag. It’s funny how both teams crumbled with the racket in these last hours of the day. 55.6 OH AND SHE GONE TOO. 3 Pandey goes c&b Knight. It was not worth it for India. Mithali Raj comes in. This brings Shikha Pandey as a night watchman.

54,3: MANDHANA GOES. Katherine Brunt’s phrase is the « boy how lucky we are » look everyone knows! Sciver sends an off-cutter, but I’m not sure Mandhana timed this very well. She chops it and it goes out of the air straight into Brunt’s hands. The ball almost stays in her palms. Everyone in the English camp is smiling. You know what that means. A chance for England to gain a foothold here. 53.6 Knight lets go of a slower one and Raut allows it to hit her pad. There is a scream. Referee Redfern is unimpressed. Seems like it’s going out. But worth a try, right? Raut takes time to settle in.

50.6 Smriti Mandhana suddenly ran off the pitch. When nature calls, you have to go. Everyone else’s blank expressions on their faces are pretty hilarious. We heard a very lively ‘whaaaaat’ near one of the microphones in the field. 48.5 In their 90s. She is at 96. Nothing nervous about it. She’ll burn all guns, won’t she? YES, SHE DOES IT AND IT’S IN THE AIR WITHOUT SPACE. The bottom of the bush is in the middle of it and she will hold on to it as if her life depends on it. GONE ON 96, SHAFALI VERMA. Look at Anya’s face. This is what relief looks like.

47.1 Heather Knight got herself up. She took her time with the ball in the nets so as not to injure her back. Can it give England the breakthrough it needs? / 45.2 SIX! SECOND OF THE INNINGS FOR SHAFALI. She brings up the India 150. Fly over Longon. No respite for England. Is It Time For Heather Knight To Come?

STAT: Smriti Mandhana and Shafali Verma have now set up a 136-run stand for the first wicket – India’s highest in women’s tests.

Speaking of hitting here: check out the English start, check out the Indian start – who looks like they haven’t played this format in 7 years (in some of these cases, at all). Class from India. You have certainly given the English press some exciting topics to talk about. 34.5 DUNKLEY PLEASED SMRITI MANDHANA. How expensive is it? Mandhana sent this one for cover and although it is a bit, could / should have held onto it?

This pitch is interesting. Dead is not the right word. India doesn’t complain. I’m not interested in those two out there either. See ball, hit ball as sure as possible from the Indians. A wicket can help English morale. Still not sure about Shafali in ODIS, India? Asking for a friend. More worrying for Ecclestone isn’t the lack of wickets. It’s the flow of the runs! Unbelievable. Was England complacent here?

30.5 HALF A CENTURY FOR MANDHANA! You cannot leave Mandhana behind. She crossed itself to fifty, with a limit itself! She pulls this short delivery from Ecclestone between a deep back angle and a fine leg. These two take full advantage of the opportunity to get the red ball here.

STAT: Shafali Verma is the youngest opening player to score a fifty in debut in women’s test history. 27.2. FIFTY RUNS FOR SHAFALI. ON DEBUT and it’s only fair she got that with a limit. She was aggressive here, but not disrespectful. There have been strands of luck here and there with the edges and gratitude for survival always comes on her face. « Phew, » says her smile. Good for the teenager. Read more about her debut and the importance of this inning here India is flying here in this first inning. Mandhana and Verma speak very fluently here. Cross began the procedure after tea, but Ecclestone was brought in by her despite a cleanup. England had largely no questions to ask the Indian opening games. Very encouraging intention from the Indian side. We have a game in hand here. We’re going back to tea. ——– Tea [India 63/0 in 23 overs, behind England by 333 runs ——– India started strong here against England and Shafali is the more comfortable one here in this partnership Signs for the Indian camp and for their fans who pray for their success. Personally, I was looking forward to seeing Ecclestone / Shrubsole versus Verma. England have to bring in some variation and unsettle this duo if they want to add to what they did with the racket. Shafali and Smriti will hope that there will be no break in swing after tea and that they will keep them going. It’s been a bubbly innings and they kept the scoreboard going too. So far, good signs for India.

Some great shotmakings from the two Indian opening games today. The Indian start has been measured but not slow and shows how Mandhana and Verma are slowly growing in confidence. They find the gaps and are not without luck either, with a few edges here and there they land safely. 17.3 CHANCE FOR CROSS BUT NO. Possible catch and bowling chance here, but too small and too tough for you. That must hurt. Fortunately, it seems good. And we now see Sophie Ecclestone stretching some distance away.

It was encouraging to see how calm Shafali is. She deals well with herself and the situation. It helps to have a very easy-going Smriti Mandhana who enjoys hitting for company in England.
« Brunt » Force – Reuters
Brunt, Shrubsole, Cross and Sciver have tried so far. Quite disciplined except for some nagging bouncers from Brunt. 12.5 SIX FOR SHAFALI! Oh, has it not entered the test phase now? What a nice six from Shafali Verma. Beautiful goes beyond the middle at most. England would have thought it had a wicket by now, but no.

Mandhana and Verma kept the run rate alive here. Dealing with the occasional border here and there.

Pretty slow start here to India. England doesn’t care about being patient and allowing the Indians to settle. Many variations, especially from Brunt. There is a lot of talk from the English side. Encouraging words also to Shafali Verma.

Statistics: Sneh Rana is the fifth woman to get 4 wickets in a test match. We are now ready for the Indian innings. Shafali Verma and Smriti Mandhana are padded by the boundary line. Smriti will face the first ball. Katherine Brunt will compete for England. Innings break ———————————————– – —-

396/9 – @englandcricket recorded the highest total test total of all time against @BCCIWomen (396/9) and their sixth highest total value in the women’s tests. Colossal. # ENGvIND pic.twitter.com/JwvNcDiz8n

119.4. India was late in this game on the field. The bush sole is dropped. She has Rana hoisted on a deep, square leg, Vastrakar had to run away and gets it, but it shoots. I really can’t blame her, she had to do all the work to even get there. Anya will make her pay for it. England is apparently trying to accelerate here after lunch. English bowlers are sure to itch to bowl under these conditions. Mithali Raj, who doesn’t want to catch in the middle of the off when this shot was so high, doesn’t help. Anya Shrubsole likes to take advantage of the mistakes. And we’re back with the afternoon session. Shikha Pandey begins. Now the question is, will England explain? What’s the strategy here? Here’s what Dunkley told Sky Sports about the plan this morning: get us in the best position, tricky against the new ball, then see where we go after that. I think we got ourselves in a really good position from last night, good to toast and see the new ball with Brunty.

Over half a century: Everything a bit fuzzy, happy to be Team could contribute.

After lunch, do some planning: keep hitting and see where we stand. It’s going well, see how many we’re getting on the board. It was quite a session for England. Lost the two wickets there – Brunt and Ecclestone, but Sophia Dunkley was there and combed her way through. A deserved 50 for her today. This is England’s highest total against India in a women’s friendly. 88 runs were added this session for the loss of two wickets. Advantage England in Bristol. —————— LUNCH [ENG: 357/8 in 118 overs] ——————

Tammy’s mother is still knitting. What is she doing? The England kits just came out today, is your entry a little late? STAT: No women’s team lost a Test after first beating and scoring 300 points. However, ties are abundant.

111.3 OFF! Ecclestone only took two deliveries to that lifeline! Aggression from her as she tries to blow up a little on this shot. There is hardly any height there, but Shikha Pandey is enough to catch it in the middle. Third wicket for Deepti Sharma. Anya Shrubsole comes in.

111.1 Oops. LBW scream. Ecclestone this time in the danger zone. Deepti Sharma rolls over to her and the ball swings in a little. Referee testifies. England ratings. Ultra Edge doesn’t hold a bat to itself. Ball tracking sees everything in one line, BUT the ball is missing from the wickets. Dunkley gives Ecclestone a big head .. uh rub helmet. And we’re going again. Sophie went for 17 (56). 30 minutes or so to go to lunch. Maybe the pace should pick up for England? 110.1 FIFTY FOR DUNKLEY. Notable debut for her given the situation she came in to hit. A big, snarling smile from her and skillfully supported by Sophie Ecclestone this morning.

108.4. Fifty partnership comes for Ecclestone and Dunkley – this for the eighth wicket. While I am writing, there is a loud appeal to the LBW. The referee issued it! England ratings. Ball tracking determines that the ball misses the stump of the leg by a mile. Dunkley is safe and four just under half a century ago when it debuted. Sue Redfern doesn’t do much wrong, but that cannot be faulted as Dunkley takes a very close stump protector. Everything is fine, the ending is fine, but here. Taniya Bhatia was disappointed.

My colleague Ayan doesn’t see the excitement about the pace of the game: « This is test cricket. You can afford to be slow! England wouldn’t want to beat a second time. Score 400 and then get India out twice in 2 days » . « 

Dunkley and Ecclestone wait while the Indians make their way back to the field. This overrated discussion won’t end anytime soon. We’re back and Rana takes the ball. DRINKS: 300 for England, a wicket for India in the 14 overs in the first hour of the day. Sophie Ecclestone likes to see herself as an all-rounder and lives up to that and supports Dunkley confidently. Here is a spectator who is not satisfied with the pace of the game. This is aimed at the English girls who have to increase their scoring pace and ideally come to around 350, or is it addressed to the Indian side, who like to take their time to determine the field during this test. « Come on, girls, it moves a bit go on, « says the voice. Tammy Beaumont’s mother knits in the stands. What a lovely British picture. I can’t help but love it! 104.4 Punam Raut holds her finger after a ball has cut off her finger slightly on her short leg. She clearly feels uncomfortable. What follows is another India test for LBW. A delivery flying upwards hit Ecclestone on the pads. Ball tracking finds the ball outside the stump and the height makes the ball rightly miss the stump by a fair amount. Wasted a review? Maybe it doesn’t matter. We will see. Conclusion – Ecclestone for sure. Persistent here from Dunkley and Ecclestone, a 35-person partnership between the two. Ecclestone, who has taken the lead here since she came. Everything that is added now will be beneficial to England. Rana is now on the attack and one of her deliveries in the 99th run has taken a sharp turn, enough for us to get upset about it. A wicket is not far away. Sharper field could help too. 102.4 ENGLAND RECEIVES 300.

Sneh Rana can still get a five. What kind of story would that be, right? She last played for India five years ago … and now she’s orchestrating her team’s race to catch up in their debut test. Railways’ all-rounder was amazing. 32 4 85 3 so far. Sophie and Sophia bring ENG closer to the 300 mark. DEU 297/7 (101)

That sums up Sophie Ecclestone. Ecclestone quickly misses and follows him with a nice shot on the covers for four. Sophie is adept with the bat. What can Sophie and Sophia do for England here?

94.6 OFF! EARLY BREAKTHROUGH FOR INDIA and Jhulan comes into the book. Big roll call for LBW after the ball looks like it hit Katherine Brunt’s pads. Referee says no. India ratings. Ball tracking confirms that the ball is in line and hits the pads first. During our Spaces session yesterday, one of the participants asked for smarter ratings. Here is one!

Shikha Pandey and Jhulan Goswami initiated proceedings today. A chatty Indian field is there to make things daunting for the host.

Half a Century for Beaumont and Knight An Indian Fight A Debut For Dunks First Day Highlights pic.twitter.com/EOWc25Xi6h – England Cricket (@englandcricket) June 17, 2021

Half a century for Beaumont and Knight An Indian fight A debut for Dunk’s first day highlights pic.twitter.com/EOWc25Xi6h

Heather Knight on the Bristol pitch to BBC: A little slow, not a lot of carry not very excessive, a bit of rotation. You usually get value for money here in Bristol, but it (the space) was fine. It will be interesting to see how it goes on. It will be difficult to get 20 wickets, hopefully we can get a big score tomorrow and get 350. If we get more that would be great. We need a big partnership in which we can move things forward a little faster.

I’m so excited about dunks. She doesn’t see herself as a role model, but she absolutely is. Tomorrow is a big day for her, I think she won’t sleep much tonight.

A moment that you will remember for a long time! : When @TheShafaliVerma, @ Deepti_Sharma06, @IamTaniyaBhatia, Sneh Rana & Pooja Vastrakar received their respective #TeamIndia test caps from Skipper @ M_Raj03. pic.twitter.com/hNaWpZIet4 – BCCI Women (@BCCIWomen) June 17, 2021

A moment that you will remember for a long time! : When @TheShafaliVerma, @ Deepti_Sharma06, @IamTaniyaBhatia, Sneh Rana & Pooja Vastrakar received their respective #TeamIndia test caps from Skipper @ M_Raj03. pic.twitter.com/hNaWpZIet4

1. A potential player for Sneh Rana – Sneh Rana, who is returning to the Indian team after five years, made a dream debut in the Test. Three wickets – those of Tammy Beaumont, Georgia Elwiss and Amy Jones – on day one helped India get back into the game after a largely comfortable day for the hosts towards the end of the game. With the following tail, Sneh wants to turn this into a five-wicket hul

2. A Sophia Dunkley special ?: No pressure on the 22-year-old, but England’s hopes of getting over 300 are mostly on debutant Dunkley are based. She also made history by becoming the first black woman to represent her country in tests. She will hope to bring her rich Rachel Heyhoe Flint Trophy form to this game to give her team a competitive first inning.

You can read more about Sophia here:
Sophia Dunkley is the first black woman to play test cricket for England for

3. To make Shafali open or not, that is the question: Shafali Verma has high expectations on a normal day. Her Test Match debut is no different. While teammates, experts, and fans have been talking about protecting her and the other newbies from pressure, it will be interesting to see if she comes out in her usual opening position or if she gets some time by maybe on # 3, which is India’s opening combo is going to be a factor to watch out for. Smriti Mandhana – Punam Raut could be a possible alternative. Here you can take a look at the details of the highlights of day 1:
India Women vs. England Women Test Day 1 Highlights: Sneh Rana, Deepti Sharma leave ENG 269/6; Knight falls for 95

Day 1 catch up: Good afternoon everyone! Thank you for participating in our live coverage of Day 2 of the Bristol Test. First, a quick recap of Day 1. England is approaching 300. On the first day it was 269 for 6 on stumps. Tammy Beaumonts 66 and Heather Knights 95, five nearly a century in their 100th game as captain, were critical to England making it through the day comfortably before tea. The hosts will not be happy about the mini-collapse towards the end of yesterday’s game. It lost 4 wickets for only 21 runs.

All credit to the Indian weirdos – Deepti Sharma and Sneh Rana (on debut). The latter will go into Day 2 in hopes of converting her three-wicket haul into a fifer. India looked a little rusty at first and can still handle the puzzle of test cricket. Sophia Dunkley, who makes her England debut, and Katherine Brunt will be playing for England again today, hoping to get their team past 300.

All eyes will also be on the Bristol wicket, which drew criticism for its re-use following a men’s T20 game in Gloucesterchire last week. England Batters already briefed the press on the dead wicket, which turned out to be dead on Day 1. It will be interesting to see how it works on Day 2.

SQUADS: India: Mithali Raj (captain), Smriti Mandhana, Harmanpreet Kaur (vice captain), Punam Raut, Priya Punia, Deepti Sharma, Jemimah Rodrigues, Shafali Verma, Sneh Rana, Taniya Bhatia (doorman), Indrani Roy, Jhulan Goswami, Shikha Pandey, Pooja Vastrakar, Arundhati Reddy, Poonam Yadav, Ekta Bisht, Radha Yadav.

England: Heather Knight (Captain), Emily Arlott, Tammy Beaumont, Katherine Brunt, Kate Cross, Freya Davies, Sophia Dunkley , Sophie Ecclestone, Georgia Elwiss, Tash Farrant, Sarah Glenn, Amy Jones, Nat Sciver (Deputy Captain), Anya Strauchsohle, Mady Villiers, Fran Wilson, Lauren Winfield-Hill.

Former Indian cricketers Shubhangi Kulkarni and Sudha Shah about her experience in test cricket and why this unique test is a positive note in the history of Indian women’s cricket

The one-time test will be held on the Bristol County Ground. Bristol has not yet seen a test match for men or women.

The one-off test match between India and England women in India will be broadcast on Sony TEN 1 and available for live streaming on Sony Liv. Jio TV and Airtel XStream will also offer live streaming.


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