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Ivanka Trump is silent on social media because she does not publish the Father’s Day tribute to Donald Trump with siblings

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Father’s Day this year follows the birthday of former President Donald Trump, which many his children post tributes to the former president on social media. Trump’s eldest daughter and former White House adviser, Ivanka Trump, didn’t join her siblings this year to pay tribute to her father on social media.

Not many of the former president’s children shared this year the father’s tribute to him on social media. This is also because not many of Trump’s children were there for his 75th birthday last week. This includes Ms. Trump, who advised her father’s administration.

While Ms. Trump has remained a mom on social media since her last post where she received her second vaccination with the COVID-19 vaccine, their siblings Don Jr. and Tiffany Trump paid tribute to their father on Twitter. Eric Trump was also silent on social media on Father’s Day.

Ms. Trump has largely stayed away from social media since leaving Washington DC and moving to Florida following the inauguration of Joe Biden and his new administration. This could also suggest that Trump’s children have been trying to distance themselves from the political messages lately. The Trump family is also facing a rush of lawsuits and investigations after leaving the White House and may sense the legal pressures that will come on them.

However, Ms. Trump’s silence on social media follows reports that she is focused on her family. Her husband, former White House advisor Jared Kushner, also wants to trace his relationship with his father-in-law back to a more traditional one. Still, they may have wished the ex-president a happy Father’s Day in private rather than on social media.

With Trump’s eldest children facing potential litigation, the former president’s former lawyer, who is now a Trump critic, revealed Michael Cohen once where the former president said Donald Trump Jr. could serve a prison sentence better than Ms. Trump. Speaking to Tara Setmayer and Rick Wilson of The Lincoln Project, Cohen recalled that the former president said Don Jr. should be the one to serve his time when it came to having either Don Jr. or Ivanka go to jail went because “he can handle it. ”

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Ivanka Trump is silent on social media because she does not publish the Father’s Day tribute to Donald Trump with siblings

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According to reports, according to a new book, Donald Trump proposed sending COVID-19 patients to Guantanamo

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