CM – Ligue 1 PSG vs. Angers LIVE: 0-1, Wijnaldum and Bernat switch, live updates


In the absence of Lionel Messi and Neymar, coach Mauricio Pochettino relies on Kylian Mbappe, who scored the winning goal for France in a 2-1 win against Spain in the Nations League final last weekend. (File Photo) – REUTERS

Hello and welcome to Sportstar’s live coverage of the Ligue 1 game at Parc de Princes in Paris, France.

67 ‘Angers tries to get the ball over the left flank , but Brahimi has already turned his back on the ball

66 ‘Verratti tries to fill gaps in midfield when Bernat makes the run, but after that there is no real danger

61′ Bernat, who after a serious injury 13 months out, preparing to step back into action after his path of recovery

57 ‘Foul! Verratti goes down after a challenge from Traore as Mbappe prepares for the free kick.

54 ‘Miss! The ball falls in the middle of the penalty area, but Rafinha does not hold it at the goal. PSG pushes up as the Angers defense shoots the ball out of harm’s way.

53 ‘Herrera is offside. Icardi shoots backwards.

51 ‘Traore versus Fulgini, Angers played well but Cho is well marked by Kimpembe to cause further problems.

48′ Angers attack again, Boufal gets going but the ball reaches Fulgini. not

47 ‘PSG tries to interfere from the left, Mbappe leads the attack but Angers covers him

Angers leads to the break (0-1). Big 45 needs #PSGSCO – Paris Saint-Germain (@PSG_English) October 15, 2021

44 ‘Offside! Herrera’s header reigned in the offside, which had ended in the back of the net.

42 ‘Mbappe (Mbappe) comes to Verratti from Diallo. If the result stays that way until full-time, it will be Paris ‘second straight league loss

40′ free kick for PSG as the team attempt to crawl back on level ground but Mbappe’s cross followed by Rafinha’s shot goes wide

36 ‘GOOOAAAALLLLLLLLL’ !!! Fulgini makes a run on the left and leads the ball into the net

36 ‘Angelo Fulgini makes it 1-0 for @AngersSCO! #PSGSCO— Ligue1 English (@ Ligue1_ENG) October 15, 2021

33 ‘Fulgini’s header goes wide with a header. He looked dangerous for Angers tonight.

30 ‘Mbappe runs off and torments the Angers goalkeeper, who gets back on his feet. PSG don’t score

27 ‘shot! Fulgini’s left foot shot is saved by Donnarumma. Another rift in PSG’s defense is now visible as Angers marches forward

25 ‘chance! Boufal makes one run for Angers on the left and gets a corner and then does another run with PSG defenders remaining unhappy. However, he misses the target

24 ‘PSG have four players on the Ballon D’Or shortlist. Two started today, with Messi and Neymar out after their internationals

Seconds earlier, Cho had run down the right flank but Kimpembe went back to avert the threat.

20 ‘Rafinha free kick from a PSG corner , but the keeper comfortably catches the ball from the free kick

19 ‘Free kick! Icardi goes down again when the referee declares the foul was just outside the penalty area

17 ‘Icardi goes down in the penalty area but the referee is not interested. The Argentine looks stunned as the game continues under the whistles of the PSG fans

14 ‘shot! Fulgini shoots into the penalty area against PSG, which is stopped by Verratti. Angers’ first real shot of the game

14 ‘PSG dominated the game with 65 percent possession in the first 10 minutes of the game

12′ PSG attacked again. Verratti makes a shot that falls on Mbappe, but the Angers defense somehow stops the ball for a corner

10 ‘Mbappe: Rafinha ro Diallo. PSG tries to create something down the left flank while Angers steals the ball to attack on the other end

7 ‘Miss! Icardi, Herrera and Rafinha gather to build an attack, that of Rafinha. ends badly

6 ‘chance! Mbappe gets the ball, which he tries to cross, but is offside. As expected, PSG is already asking questions

4 ‘Shot! Herrera to Mbappe as the Frenchman takes a soft shot that the Angers keeper can easily handle

3 ‘Diallo challenges Cho as he falls to the ground. Referee dismisses the defender with a warning

2 ‘Angers pushes up as PSG passes the ball through their own penalty area. Then find a way to Veratti, who passes the ball in the flanks, which ends up as a goal kick

Paris Saint-Germain starts from right to left, while Angers starts in white at the other end.

12.25 p.m.: One change for Angers, while Paris starts without Messi and Neymar to leave Icardi in front, a total of seven changes for the Parisians.

The Angers manager said the game was like a Champions League game for his team.

The players are on the field. The fans are ready. The first game after the international break can start tonight with some Nations League winners on the pitch.

12:05 p.m .: While the stadium is filling, here are statistics to cheer up the PSG fans. PSG haven’t lost to Angers in their last 14 games, have won 13 and have only drawn one.

Pochettino’s team have only lost once in the league that played against Rennes in their last Ligue 1 game.

Both teams have arrived at the home stadium of Paris Saint-Germain and are warming up in a stadium that is constantly filling up for the exciting game of Ligue 1.

PSG starting XI: Donnarumma – Dagba, Kehrer, Kimpembe, A.Diallo – Herrera, Danilo, Verratti – Rafinha, Mbappé, Icardi.

Paris Saint-Germain welcomes Angers without its contingent of Argentinian and Brazilian players playing abroad in World Cup qualifiers.

Dem French leaders will also miss goalkeeper Keylor Navas, who was sidelined at halftime with a groin injury and lost his country 2-1 to USA on Wednesday night.

PSG suffered their first defeat of the season before the international break, a 2-0 defeat against Rennes.

In the absence of Lionel Messi and Neymar, coach Mauricio Pochettino relies on Kylian Mbappe, who won 2-1 last weekend -Winning against Spain in the Nations League final scored the winning goal for France.


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