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CM – Like Phil Mickelson, Rickie Fowler finds the idea of ​​the Super Golf League « interesting ».

Like Phil Mickelson, Rickie Fowler seems intrigued by the prospect of a Super Golf League that would challenge the PGA Tour.

CHARLOTTE, NC – Rickie Fowler is one of a group of high-profile players who have been linked to proposed Super League golf in recent reports, and his response to Thursday’s questions about the runaway circuit seemed to support the notion that he is fully interested in the “interested” camp.

“It’s definitely interesting. I think a lot has to happen for it to progress at all, and at the same time I think competition can be a good thing, ”said Fowler. “I think the PGA Tour is the best place to play against the best players in the world. Could it get any better? I’m sure this wouldn’t show up if someone didn’t believe that there are ways certain things could be better. “

There are still more questions than answers when it comes to the Saudi Arabia-backed league that has promised lucrative deals for“ franchisees ”, as Fowler would presumably be, and an F1-style team format. The biggest hurdle, at least as Fowler sees it, is getting the best players in the game to sign up.

« For a super golfer league to evolve, there would definitely have to be at least a handful of people in go that direction or commit or whatever, « he said. « I don’t know about that right now. »

As talks about a proposed, renamed Super Golf League intensify again, Phil Mickelson finds it « interesting ».

At a players’ meeting on Tuesday at the Quail Hollow Club PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan reiterated the circuit’s stance that any player involved in Super League golf will be immediately suspended and « likely » banned from the PGA Tour.

These threats do not affect a handful of players held to join the conversation, including Phil Mickelson who also said the SLG concept was « interesting » and now Fowler.

« I can’t say I’m in, out or whatever. I still think the tour is the best place, ”said Fowler. « We’ll see what happens, but I’m happy where we are. »

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BY Rex Hoggard

BY Rex Hoggard

Visibility is important in the Player Impact program, which leaves one wondering who has the most PGA Tour Live appearances this year.

Rickie Fowler gathered late Friday and sits at Arnold Palmer’s Invitational on the cut line as he continues battling through swing changes and fights.

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