CM – Lorde is reviewing onion rings on Instagram again and I love them for that


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If you consider yourself some kind of onion ring connoisseur, you are probably no stranger to singer Lorde’s secret Instagram account dedicated to golden fried vegetables. However, after the press leaked that it was indeed she who ran the account in 2017, it stopped posting her reviews, leaving fans wondering if we’d ever get the chance again, nothing but crispy golds Watching rings roll across our timelines. Well, (the) Lorde must have heard our screams because she’s back at the post and this time it seems like she’s here to stay.

The « Royals » singer posted two photos in a slide show on Monday April 26th on @onionringsworldwide’s Instagram account showing her return to the onion ring throne. « Yoosh guys back with another ring post … these were from Hotel Ponsonby, we’re talking PICKED onion rings which is a first for this reviewer, » she said.

She rated the experience as a « 4/5 overall ring experience » and pointed out that it was the sensational batter that caught her eye the most and is probably the best she has ever tried. While I’m almost certain that Hotel Ponsonby was most impressed with the rating of their now famous onion rings, Lorde fans were equally enthusiastic about the review, which saw a brief revival in December 2020 that explained the long hiatus – again in action.

« This was the best photo to open this app to <33," said one commenter sweetly. "She really gives us everything but the album," said another, while the official MTV account wrote hilariously, "to be honest, I forgot I followed that account."

While it’s definitely worth checking over Speaking of onion rings, fans seem more concerned about when to expect new music, as they haven’t been around since the 2017 melodrama release. Until that happens, however, onion rings and her memoir Going South must all hold on to.


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