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CM – Matthew Perry quits the celebrity video app Cameo after worrying about his blurry speech

Perry's health has been called into question over the past few weeks.

Matthew Perry left the celebrity video app Cameo before seeing the « friends » again after fans expressed concern about his blurry speech.

The actor has deactivated his account on a platform , where fans can purchase personalized videos from celebrities ahead of the show’s highly anticipated premiere on HBO Max on Friday.

Although the 51 year old’s profile is still searchable on the app, there is no longer an option to request a video from the beloved star, but an option to notify me when it becomes available. Perry had charged $ 999 for a 20-second clip of his.

Perry’s Farewell Cameo, where fans can pay to receive a personalized message from celebrities as a gift, comes after fans over their concerns expressed health and wellbeing after blurring his words on a “Friends” reunion promo.

« I just watched an interview with People and can’t believe what Matthew Perry looks like. .. seriously, it breaks my heart, « tweeted one fan after watching the video.

Another fan wrote: » It pains me to see Matthew Perry like this, he just seems to be absent, looks into space and speaks slowly. « 

A source later told The Sun UK that Perry’s speech problem was the result of dental work he was doing on the day it was recorded.

« Matthew showed up for the reunion [in April] and members of his team said he had emergency dental work that day, » the tabloid source told the tabloid. « This is supposed to affect his wellbeing and how he felt. »

« He was in pain from what we understand that was causing the blurry speech, » the source continued. “Of course nobody wants to film after an operation, but it happened. The feeling was a huge empathy for Matthew, especially in the last few days given the way people have reacted online.

« Matthew told his fellow human beings that he was sober and that there was nothing to worry about. « 

However, one fan voiced concern about Perry in December when he had apparently blurred the language as well.

« Seriously, he’s starting to worry about Matthew Perry, man, the guy doesn’t look good and he’s blurring his words in his recent » cameo « videos, » tweeted one fan. « Even the fact that he on « cameo » is not a good sign for me. « 

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