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CM – Mets GM Zack Scott laughs at Pete Alonso’s « conspiracy theory »

Mets GM Zack Scott isn't buying Pete Alonso's theory that MLB juices or cushions baseballs based on a year-long free agent course.

Pete Alonso’s theory that Major League Baseball juices or cushions baseballs based on the strength of the free-agent class in a given year was not repeated by the team’s acting general manager.

« I didn’t know that Pete is a conspiracy theorist, ”he said with a laugh before the Mets held the Padres at Citi Field on Friday night. « It’s interesting to learn. »

On Wednesday, Alonso said the sport doesn’t need to tackle pitchers with sticky substances and should instead focus on the condition of the baseballs being used.

Alonso pointed to 2019 when a large number of pitchers were planned as free agents after this season and a new record was set for home runs. This year, with a number of top shortstops ready to hit the market, the offensive has come back far. In February, teams were told that the balls would be lightly anesthetized. In 2019, 3.6 percent of record appearances resulted in homers. That percentage has dropped to 3.1 this year.

“The biggest concern is that MLB is manipulating baseball year after year, depending on the free agency class or guys who are in the more advanced stages of their arbitration « Alonso had said.

When asked if players talk or believe about it, Alonso said, » Oh no, that’s a fact. « 

Scott clearly contradicted his star player and said that changes were being made to the Ball didn’t affect how much money free agents received, and broke up with Alonso in that regard.

« I don’t think that’s the case, I don’t think Major League Baseball is trying to get some members of the community Disadvantageous players’ association, « said Scott. “If you do that, you will also help some other players. You can’t do one without the other.

“The way teams rate and evaluate performance is relative to level, so we won’t be fooled by attacks that are way above or below. We’re going to look at the players in relation to how the league is playing. So it would have no effect on how players are rated or paid. « 

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