CM – Milan vs. Genoa 04/18/21 Serie A football selection, odds and prediction


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Milan are undefeated in the last three Serie A games with 2 wins and one draw and are second in the with 63 points Overall, 11 points less than Inter at the top. Milan have been getting a little sloppy lately but that was expected because they had a lot of important injuries and therefore had no depth. In their last Serie A game, Milan played against Parma on the street. They had 42% possession, 5 shots on goal, 3 corners, 1 big chance, and 84% correct passes. After Milan advanced in the 8th minute, he doubled his lead in the 44th minute. In the 60th minute Ibrahimovic received a red card and only 6 minutes later Milan conceded a goal. With another goal in the 94th minute, Milan won this game with 1: 3. Ibrahimovic has scored 15 goals for Milan so far but is suspended because of that red card while Kessie has scored 10 goals. Calabria and Maldini are currently injured for Milan. Milan could still make it to the top on the condition that they win most of their games and Inter lose a few. I know it’s a long way but we’ve seen strange things.

Genoa has had some good results lately and I think it will be enough to stay in Serie A. Genoa are now in 13th place with 32 points, 32 goals scored and 44 goals conceded. Genoa have only lost 1 of their last 4 games but they have conceded at least 1 goal in each of their last 8 games. In their last game against Juventus on the road, Genoa had 43% possession, 3 shots on goal, 6 corners, 3 big chances and a solid 89% of correct passes. After Genoa lost 2-0 at halftime, it halved this lead in the 49th minute. With another goal in the 70th minute, Genoa lost this game with 1: 3. Destro was the main reason Genoa was outside the relegation zone with their 10 goals while Scamacca added 5 goals. Pellegrini and Zappacosta are injured while Criscito is suspended because of the red card. It was questionable for a while if Genoa had what it takes to stay in Serie A, but they are a good team and deserve to be in the top flight in Italy.

Milan haven’t won any of their last 6 home games but I think that will change here. Genoa may be in decent shape but Milan played well, they scored a lot of goals and I can see that they are back on the road to success at home.

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