CM – Nepal 1-1 India HIGHLIGHTS: Thapa and Bista in the match report list as first test match ends in a draw


Indian captain Sunil Chhetri (right) fights for the ball with Nepal’s Dinesh Rajbanshi – AIFF

Hello and welcome to the Sportstar blog about the international friendly between Nepal and India, which is taking place in the Dashrath Stadium in Kathmandu, Nepal, was played.

MATCH REPORT: Nepal against India: Thapa, Bista in the match report list as the first friendly match ends with a 1-1 draw

In the end, you can say that it was a fair result because the first The friendly between Nepal and India ended in a 1-1 draw.

India, a much better team in the second half, equalized in the 60th minute after Sunil Chhetri blocked a toxic long-range shot from Nepal’s keeper Kiran Lumbu, but he couldn’t parry the rebound, which resulted in Anirudh Thapa taking the ball into the back of the net.

Coming into the game as an underdog was a brave home performance for the Nepalese team.

90 2 ‘ CHANCE – A great opportunity for Nepal to take the lead. Suman pinged a delicious scoop into the box, which Kamal Thapa found. He made contact but the header didn’t hit the target.

90 1 ‘Bishal Rai (Nepal) shoots into the Indian penalty area. The Indian defense is more than prepared.

88 ‘A good pass sends Manvir out with the green in front of him. He had time to choose an option. He had run Bipin in front of him but decided to take the shot himself. It’s not there.

83 ‘CHANCE – A great header pass to Manvir, who held the ball well and spun in the penalty area. He hugged the sideline and tried to find a player from a difficult angle but couldn’t find one.

82 ‘Great ball from Suman Aryal (Nepal) but unfortunately no Nepal player at the end. Bipin Singh clears the ball.

80 ‘CHANCE – Nepal with a good attacking move after a long time in the second half after a great ball from the right side, but the ball is behind the striker and India clears.

78 ‘Nepal have a nice defense and can keep the Indian attack in check, but the home team’s offensive seems disorganized at the moment.

75′ India looks much better in the last third of the pitch compared to the first half. The intention to attack increased after the equalization. Nepal currently on the hindfoot.

The moment @AnirudhThapa scored 1: 1:✍ – #BackTheBlue #BlueTigers #IndianFootball— Football Team (@IndianFootball) September 2, 2021

66 ‘CHANCE – A wicked corner of India. All it took was a touch in the right direction, but that didn’t come. The grades stay the same.

60 ‘GOOOOAAAAALLLLLL !!!! INDIA EQUALS !! HIS ANIRUDH THAPA !! It was all down to Chhetri’s thunderous shot from a distance. Limbu had to force a great save, but the rebound swam up and was led home by Thapa, who caught the ball well before Nepal cleared.

59 ‘Anjan Bista shot by Rahim Ali by Rahim Ali. But the Indian injured the Nepalese goal scorer.

55 ‘The change of mind of Igor Stimac is visible, but it remains to be seen whether the Blue Tigers can mobilize their intensity for the better in the second half.

53′ CHANCE – Manvir is playing a great game on the left. He holds the ball well and hovers in a tasty ball inside the box. Chhetri clears the header, but he’s not there.

50 ‘BOOKING- Kiram Limbu was miles from his line when he tried to clear the ball but couldn’t get it off after a first free kick from Thapa. The goalkeeper sees yellow for allegedly handling the ball with his hands outside the box.

48 ‘SHOT – Strong start from Nepal trying to take advantage of the gaps between the Indian defense. Goalscorer Bista prepares the shot for Pujjan Uparkoti, but he is on the ball.

In a rather tasteless game up to about the 35th minute India certainly did not expect to fall behind in this game. But Anjan Bista’s goal in the 36th minute put the hosts in the lead.

Worrying signs for India during the break. Sunil Chhetri could not be seen for much of the first half, the general attacking game of the Indian team was toothless in the first 45 minutes.

45 2 ‘SHOT- Great game from Nepal as it was one in the minutes of the first half Shot away there. Gurpreet did well clutching and holding the ball. A rebound could have been dangerous.

44 ‘Nepal ended the first half on a good note as India’s defense exerted pressure and tried to score the decisive second goal.

42′ Favorite before the start of the game, nervous the Blue Tigers. The ineffectiveness of Sunil Chhetri does not help the situation of the Blue Tiger at all.

36 ‘GOOOOAAALLALLS !!!! NEPAL TAKES THE LEAD !! HIS ANJAN BISTA !!! Bista found himself in a lot of space in the box when Gurpreet stepped out of his line. He takes his time and calmly pushes the ball into the empty net.

26 ‘Cross from Ayush Ghalan (Nepal) after a long playing time. Cross from the right in the penalty area. The weight of the cross was heavy, however, and Gurpreet picks it up without a fuss.

24 ‘Nepal goalkeeper Kiram Limbu managed to get the ball to safety after a corner from India but lost the ball at the same time. He is currently on the Place and is being treated by medical officials, but should be fine.

22 ‘Sunil Chhetri is largely absent so far. The Indian skipper acts as an attacking midfielder in this game.

19 ‘The pace of the game has visibly slackened since the first few minutes. Both teams give each other a lot of time in the other half.

16 ‘Nepal caught well, especially in the middle, but it wasn’t as effective in the last third.

14′ Shot by Suresh Singh over the left side. A shot by Glan Martins. Martins ‘first contact with the ball was a bit violent which took the ball away from him.

11′ A long ball from Akash Mishra from the middle of the park. It was a long chase for the ball between Mishra and Nepal’s Ananta Tamang, where the latter got away better and cleared the ball to safety.

9 ‘This time Manvir tries to penetrate from the right but Dinesh blocks Manvir. Dinesh was all over Nepal’s back in those first few minutes.

8 ‘A good throw-in from Colaco from the left, but no one was in the box.

6′ It was a spirited start – neither team got off the ground given too much time on the ball. End-to-end game at Dashrath Stadium in Kathmandu.

4 ‘Nepal has done well to crack the Indian press with an efficient one-touch soccer ball. The attack ends with a cross in the Indian penalty area, but Gurpreet collects easily.

Chinglesana found himself unnoticed when the ball flew towards him, but he couldn’t get his shot away. Nepal is safe for now.

So both teams are fighting against each other today! #BackTheBlue #BlueTigers #NEPIND #IndianFootball – Indian soccer team (@IndianFootball) September 2, 2021

17:00 – 15 minutes until kick-off !!! See what happened the last time the two teams met !!!

At the last India-Nepal meeting, @SandeshJhingan and @jejefanai were spot on when the #BlueTigers saw a 2️⃣-0️⃣ win at the Mumbai Football Arena in 2017! Relive the action here #IndianFootball #BackTheBlue – Indian Football Team (@IndianFootball) September 1, 2021

At the last meeting between India and Nepal, @SandeshJhingan and @jejefanai were spot on when the #BlueTigers achieved a 2️⃣-0️⃣ win at the Mumbai Football Arena in 2017! Relive the action here #IndianFootball #BackTheBlue

This is how India and Nepal cut off against each other in the past! What do you think the score will be in today’s game? #BlueTigers #NEPIND #BackTheBlue #IndianFootball – Indian soccer team (@IndianFootball) September 2, 2021

This is how India and Nepal cut off against each other in the past! What do you think the score will be in today’s game? #BlueTigers #NEPIND #BackTheBlue #IndianFootball

Dasharath Stadium, venue of today’s game #NEPIND #BackTheBlue #BlueTigers #IndianFootball – Indian Football Team (@IndianFootball) September 2, 2021

India XI: Gurpreet (GK), Bheke, Bose, Mishra, Chinglesana Singh, Fernandes, Suresh Singh, Martins, Colaco, Manvir Singh, Chhetri (C)

The Indian men’s soccer team starts here on Thursday With the first of the two international friendly games against Nepal, preparations for the SAFF championships next month in the Maldives.

The SAFF championships with five teams will be held from October 3rd to 13th in the national stadium in Male.

« We are delighted to be here and happy to be together again. These two international friendly games will help us prepare for the upcoming SAFF championship in the Maldives next month.

 » I just know that these games will be good and that we have to learn on the pitch, « said India’s head coach Igor Stimac in a press release.

The second friendly against Nepal will take place on September 5. Both games will be played here at Dashrath Stadium .

This is the first time India has played an international match since it was on the 15th.

However, with dark clouds floating in the sky, the risk of rain is great over the game. The conditions on the practice area were tough because of torrential rain.

« I hope that there won’t be heavy rain during the games so that we can play exciting football, » said Stimac.

« We have Nepal as opponents and the progress they have made in FIFA World Cup qualifying. They have shown that they can play quality football and defend it as a team. My colleague has done a good job and there are a lot of young players in the squad . « 

India’s captain Sunil Chhetri thanked the ANFA and the Nepalese government for the hospitality and the invitation to play in Kathmandu during these difficult times.

 » We understand the situation in the world. The hospitality was wonderful and the opportunity to play international football calms us down. We want to do our best and have a good start to the season. Nepal are tough opponents and we want the coach that way give as much as possible, « said Chhetri.

The talisman captain of India is the crowd favorite. From landing at the airport to the team hotel to the training sessions, the locals request it with one click.

« I admit that I have a soft corner for Nepal. But it ends the moment I do step onto the field. My mother is from Nepal and whatever sports culture and discipline I was instilled is all thanks to my mother, « said Chhetri.

 » Nepal has always made it very difficult for us on the football field, and we have expect no less. Playing Nepal at home and outside Nepal are two different things and let’s not forget that they are the home team here.  » to change the mentality of his players « .

 » I don’t want to make people happy, I want to make them proud. We’ve been training for the last two months and there are a lot of youngsters in the squad. Our goal is to win the SAFF championship in the Maldives. ”And finally qualify for the AFC Asian Cup China 2023. We don’t care about the FIFA rankings. It won’t be easy for them (India). « 

Two new faces, striker Rahim Ali and defender Seriton Fernandes, have made it into the men’s national soccer team, which will play friendly matches against Nepal in the first week of September in a row.

A selection of 24 likely players, with the exception of players who play the AFC Cup for Bengaluru FC and ATK Mohun Bagan, trained from the 15th.

The Indian team will leave for Nepal on August 30th for the To play friendly games in Kathmandu on September 2nd and 5th.

« We can’t expect much after 10 days of preparation. The legs are still heavy from the load and we have to slow down and freshen up the players, » said Stimac at the announcement of the 25-man squad.

« I am satisfied with the performance of our players. We have to be careful in the next two games against Nepal. We understand that the players from ATK Mohun Bagan and BFC against Nepal will be in better shape than others, ”said Stimac in his assessment of the likely players who played two training matches during the camp.


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