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CM – Nick de Noia death & murder: who killed the Chippendales producer?


Nicholas DeNoia and Jennifer O’Neill during the 47th Annual Academy Awards rehearsal at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Nick de Noia was killed in April 1987 in an assassination attempt by the authorities of Chippendales founder Steve « Somen » Banerjee to serve his business. Banerjee was convicted of de Noia’s death and an attack on former dancer Read Scot and others.

Chippendale’s associate producer Candace Mayeron told Elle Magazine that tension had built up between de Noia and Banerjee, which was at its peak achieved after de Noia retained the touring rights to Chippendales and several former dancers left the troupe to start Adonis, a competing all-male exotic dance crew. It took investigators years to gather enough information to indict Banerjee.

ABC 20/20 is tackling the lewd murder plot tonight at its season 44 premiere. « The Chippendales Murder » will air at 9 pm. Easter Friday, October 8, 2021.

A 1987 article from the New York Times archives describes the death and murder of de Noia and her early references to the investigation.

« The victim, Nicholas De Noia, 46 years old, was found on the floor of his 15th floor office at 264 West 40th Street at 3:40 p.m. from someone who had come there on business. He was once shot in the left cheek with a large-caliber handgun, « the article reads.

Authorities identified a suspect described as an unidentified Hispanic male between 35 and 40 years old, approximately 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighed about 145 pounds, shaved clean with black or salt and pepper colored hair.

De Noia was an Emmy Award-winning director and producer for the NBC children’s television series « Unicorn Tales ». Police in attendance told the New York Times that the Emmy statuettes were also in the office where de Noia’s body was found. De Noia was married to actress Jennifer O’Neill.

This opening sequence has – beautifully animated 1970s NYC – an amazing denim jacket reveal – rare Nick De Noia footage – a cute duck pic.twitter.com/wFBvFaOtEq

Chippendales Associate Producer Candace Mayeron spoke to Elle Magazine about her time at Chippendales and the murder that rocked the dance troupe and ensemble.

« My job wasn’t as easy as people might think » she said in the article. « But the hardest moment was having to tell my boys that Nick, whom many of the Chippendales men considered a father figure, was murdered. »

Mayeron was involved in many aspects of the business, including teaching the men, how best to deal with the women, noting the dancers were banned from getting hairstyles without their permission after hiring a dancer with flowing curls who came up with short hair on his first day, the article says.

Mayeron said in the article that she and de Noia « got very close » and that they had dinner together a few nights before his death.

« A few days later, I spoke to Nick on the phone, when he suddenly said, ‘I can’t talk, I have to go.’ That was our last phone call. I think we were talking when his killer walked in, « she said.

 » We were devastated. « Chippendales producer Nick De Noia was fatally shot in 1987 and the shooter escaped before the police arrived. Our new # ABC2020 investigates the infamous murder case – premiering tonight at 9/8 a.m. on @ABC next day on Hulu. https://t.co/Ui4Edo27dR pic.twitter.com/PAml8oNOC4

A 1993 article by the Independent detailed the case against Banerjee, which included charges of both de Noia’s murder and attempted murder contained in Read Scot and others. At the time, he was on charges of extortion, arson and murder, the article reads.

The US Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles told the Independent that the motive was « to improve Chippendales’ business or to become to take revenge on people who have harmed the business ”.

Mayeron told Elle Magazine that she learned that de Noia was murdered during a show just an hour after she spoke to him on the phone. She knew de Noia would want the show to go on, she said to Elle, so she waited until it was over to tell the crew.

« When I told the guys in the locker room after the show said, one of them jumped up and shouted, ‘I’m going to kill that damn Steve Banerjee g-string and take revenge, « she said to Elle. « I didn’t have the slightest doubt it was Steve, either. »


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