CM – Paramount announces new ‘Jackass’ film title and shares first pictures


Paramount has finally announced the name of the upcoming Jackass movie and released a series of first-look pics for fans of the crazy franchise.

An Instagram post from the project titled Jackass Forever reads: « We are back! Sure, a little older and a lot grayer, but definitely not smarter. ”A new set of images also shows some of the crazy stunts and pranks the group of friends will take part in, and they certainly won’t disappoint.

The new movie will be Directed by Jeff Tremaine and will see the return of Johnny Knoxville and his infamous gang including Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Dave England, Wee Man, Danger Ehren and Preston Lacy. You’ll also introduce a number of new friends, such as Eric Manaka, Sean « Poopies » McInerney, Rachel Wolfson, Jasper, and Zach Holmes.

If you’re a Jackass fan, be sure to release the trailer on July 20th before the movie’s theatrical premiere on October 22nd.

Elsewhere in the entertainment industry, Taika Waititi says: Thor: Love and Thunder is the « craziest » movie he has ever made.

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