CM – Post Malone releases first single from their new album « One Right Now » with The Weeknd


The Weeknd and Post Malone have released their latest joint track, “One Right Now,” which is considered the first single from Posty’s upcoming album.

The single lasts just over three minutes and features productions by Louis Bell , Brian Lee and Andrew Bolooki and got teased by the two artists earlier this week. « One Right Now » follows The Weeknd and Swedish House Mafia’s joint work « Moth to a Flame », which was released in late October, and Posty’s appearance in Young Thug’s « Livin It Up ».

While Malone’s Hollywood bleeding Successor not knowing much information, The Weeknd confirmed in an episode of Memento Mori that its After Hours successor is ready. Abel affectionately called the record “The Dawn” and shared, “I hope you all had a great summer. Some exciting features will be released in the fall before the album is released. We’ll slowly uncover this information over the next few months. « He continued, » Some Dawn updates, the album is done, just missing a few characters that are the key to the narrative. Some people who are close to my heart, some people who inspired my life as a child, and some who inspire me now. More will follow in the next few months. But the only thing that matters is this moment.  »

In other music news, JAY-Z disabled his Instagram after being on the platform for a day.

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