CM – Postmaster General DeJoy is investigated by the FBI for fundraising


WASHINGTON – The Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating Postmaster General

Louis DeJoy

people familiar with the matter said about past fundraisers involving a North Carolina logistics company where he served as CEO.

Prosecutors issued a subpoena to Mr DeJoy this week regarding campaign contributions from his staff while in the private sector, one person said.

Mr. DeJoy, a former donor to former President Donald Trump and a GOP donor, became head of the U.S. Postal Service in 2020. The federal investigation examines fundraising related to his former company New Breed Logistics, a North Carolina-based logistics company and logistics supply chain service provider, where he served as CEO for about three decades before joining in 2014. was sold

XPO Logistics Inc.

Mr. DeJoy « has always scrupulously adhered to campaign fee laws and never knowingly broken them, » said spokesman Mark Corallo, who confirmed the investigation.

The investigation was previously reported by the Washington Post, the latest Jahr reported that Mr DeJoy urged his staff to make political donations to GOP candidates and later returned bonuses to them, a practice banned under federal electoral law. The Wall Street Journal has not confirmed the allegations in the Post report.

The House Oversight Committee opened an investigation in September into allegations that Mr DeJoy reimbursed employees for their donations.

Mr. DeJoy « fully cooperated with and answered questions from Congress on these matters, » Corallo said in his statement on Thursday. “The same goes for the Post’s Inspector General’s investigation, which, after a thorough investigation, gave Mr. DeJoy a clean health certificate of his disclosure and disposal issues. He expects no less on this latest issue and intends to work with the DOJ to find a quick resolution. ”

His tenure has been fraught with problems, including a report from the agency’s watchdog that noted a slowdown in mail delivery, which was due to measures taken or accelerated by Mr DeJoy after he took office.

In August, the Democratic MPs voted.

Ted Lieu

from California, and

Hakeem Jeffries

from New York sent FBI director

Christopher Wray

a letter asking the office to investigate whether Mr DeJoy or the Postal Service Board of Directors deliberately slowed down the mail to influence postal voting in the 2020 election. Mr DeJoy denied the allegations, saying he had no intention other than to reduce the agency’s deficit and improve the postal service’s efficiency.

The Postmaster General serves on the Board of Directors of the Postal Service. President Biden nominated three people to this body in February after Democrats urged the White House to fill the vacant board seats in hopes the new picks would help Mr DeJoy given criticism of mail delivery delays oust.

During a House Oversight Committee hearing in February, Mr. DeJoy was asked how long he intended to remain in office. « A long time. Get used to me, » he replied. After a committee member requested his removal, he said, « I would suggest that this won’t solve your problems. »

Appeared in the print edition of June 4, 2021 as « FBI Examines DeJoy While Exploring Funding ».


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