CM – Premier finally gets Covid-19 vaccine


Annastacia Palaszczuk received a Covid-19 vaccination, making it the last eligible state or area leader to receive a vaccination.

The Queensland Prime Minister received her first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on Monday morning, being the state’s chief health officer, Dr. Jeannette Young, and senior cabinet members including Deputy Prime Minister Steven Miles, also received a vaccination.

Both Ms. Palaszczuk and Dr. Young came under fire for not receiving their Covid-19 vaccine sooner.

Last month, Ms. Palaszczuk said she did not receive her vaccine because she first got a flu shot and had to wait the required two weeks to before she could get the Covid-19 vaccine.

The flu shot has been available since April, while Dr. Young could have been eligible for the Pfizer vaccination as early as March under Phase 1b.

Federal Defense Minister Peter Dutton criticized the couple in May for failing to get the sting and said he was Ms. Palaszczuk’s position  » not really understood « .

 » I think in a leadership position right now it’s important to demonstrate that leadership … to make sure you lead by example, « he said on Friday.

 » (you ) have let Queenslanders down … they have to make a very public statement that they have the vaccine and encourage others to do so. « 

Last week, the Queensland health authorities announced they had the jab Would speed rollout in the Sunshine State by running 18 vaccination centers over the weekend.

Health Minister Yvette D’Ath said the plan is to have as many of the remaining front line workers, geriatric carers, and those 40-49 year olds taking their dose We have not received the vaccination.

« If they do that, it means we can have our elderly care workers fully vaccinated in three weeks, » Ms. D’Ath told reporters on Thursday morning.


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