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Partytime: Going out in Belfast could get even more expensive as the cost of living rises

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Belfast is the 10th most expensive UK city to go out according to a new study by a national jewelry company.

Jewelerybox looked at various factors in each city in Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales, including average prices for cocktails, double hotel rooms, and weekend nightclub entries.

The retail website numbered the locations by their price of 10, with Belfast at 6.62 was rated. According to reports, a cocktail in town costs an average of £ 8, a taxi downtown and back (within a 10km radius) costs an average of £ 10.70.

The cheapest haircut and hair dryer at a highly rated hairdresser was around 50 Pounds, while the average double room in town on the weekend was £ 121.

London ranked first for the most expensive clubbing area and Stoke-on-Trent was considered the cheapest, claiming Kingston alongside Liverpool Upon Hull, Leeds and Liverpool also have the cheapest taxi fares in the country.

In the rest of the region, Edinburgh is the cheapest city for club entry, Coventry has the cheapest cocktails and Hull offers the best value for a hotel room.

Right before the coronavirus outbreak here in March 2020, ranked Belfast the third cheapest UK city for a night after analyzing prices for pints, clubbing clothes, transportation and post-party meals / p> Get today’s headlines straight to your inbox every morning and evening with our free daily newsletter.

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This data also shows that London is the most popular place to go out. Almost two years later, when Belfast climbs the price ladder, it seems that social outings in the city get even more expensive as the cost of living rises, although recent research by the Living Wage Foundation has found NI has the highest percentage of paid jobs below the living wage 21.3%.

“From our end of things, we see that money, ticket prices, and drink prices may be more of a problem here than in other places with higher wages. said Alan Simms, music promoter and director of The Limelight, Belfast nightclub, who charges £ 5 for entry on a Saturday night.

« We will continue to do so and should Brexit or pandemic pressures result in us having to raise prices we may have to do this in due course – but there has certainly been no major discussion about it. « 

This summer, Belfast Brendan Harkin compiled a list of nearly 300 pint prices across Northern Ireland, noting that the 10 most expensive were from his hometown.

The most expensive beer in the luxurious Observatory Bar of the Grand Central Hotel costs you £ 10 a pint, while their cocktails start at £ 14.

Brendan recalled that in a number of belfast establishments a pint would have set you back a little more than £ 4 before the Covid-19 pandemic, but since hospitality reopened its doors d he customers are now paying at least £ 5.

However, Alan believes that, despite the complications of lockdowns and the effects of Covid-19, inflation could of course play a role.

« It’s no surprise that prices for some of the places may have gone up since bars and clubs reopened as they have been almost two years since they last opened, so they would have gone up anyway, » he added .

Traveling to and from your party destination will also make you dig deeper into your pockets, as the maximum taxi tariff in Northern Ireland is set to increase by 7.6% as part of plans to address the driver shortage. < Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon announced the new proposals earlier this month, along with numerous other measures to get new drivers rolling.

That summer, Fonacab, one of Belfast’s largest taxi companies, had to turn away nearly 3,000 customers on a Saturday because they didn’t have enough drivers.

Ms. Mallon said that the increase in fares was due to « views expressed and the recent increases in fuel and other operating costs « .

But William McCausland, General Manager of Fonacab, said at the time that more needs to be done.

 » A driver who is currently working on a Tuesday is almost making money as much as on a Saturday night. When would you work? « 








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