CM – Robredo will make the final decision on the 2022 presidential candidacy on October 7th


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Vice-President Leni Robredo will be on Thursday, October 7th, finally announcing her long-awaited decision on whether or not to run for president, her spokesman said Tuesday.

Attorney Barry Gutierrez, the vice president’s spokesman, said Robredo will make the announcement at 11 a.m. on Thursday at the Quezon reception building City where she holds her office.

“VP Leni will make an important announcement this Thursday, October 7th at 11 am. Please stay tuned, ”he said in a tweet.

Robredo is expected to announce her presidential candidacy after the failed negotiations with the Mayor of Manila, Isko Moreno and Senator Manny Pacquiao.

They have for weeks Supporters of the Vice President called on her through tweets and posters to run for President in the 2022 elections.

On Tuesday, billboards with the words « Let Leni Lead » can be seen along the C5. This was followed by the billboard from # All4Leni, one of the groups supporting Robredo’s possible candidacy to be found along the South Luzon Expressway north between Bicutan and Sucat.

Robredo has remained a mother of her political plans and has even made up her mind not to attend their weekly radio show on dzXL on Sunday October 3rd. She insisted on pushing for a united opposition, which she believes is the only way to continue the Duterte administration or the return of the Marcoses in Malacañang.

On Thursday September 30, the opposition coalition supported 1Sambayan Robredo as President. While thanking for the support, Robredo failed to make a commitment to the coalition, saying it was still in a decision-making process.


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