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CM – Seven dead in floods in Sindhupalchowk

KATHMANDU: – Seven people were killed in floods and landslides in the Sindhupalchowk district on Tuesday evening. Chief District Officer Arun Kumar Pokhrel said police and elected officials had confirmed the deaths of seven people. According to him, no other human casualties were reported.

Floods and landslides in Melamchi and Helambu caused significant damage on Tuesday evening. Three bridges were washed away in Helambu and one in Melamchi. Roads have also collapsed and disrupted traffic.

Chief District Officer Pokharel said preparations are being made for the use of Nepalese Army helicopters and other private helicopters as there are no walking conditions.

He said, that the water flow in Melamchi has not decreased. He said that precautions were taken as the current could cause further damage if it entered the settlement.

SURKHET: – The Karnali Highway has been disrupted for the past three consecutive days due to incessant rainfall. The landslides triggered by the monsoons

KATHMANDU: – The Bar Association of the Supreme Court has finalized the membership of the Amicus Curiae to assist with the case

BHAKTAPUR: – As of today, the government has started a new educational session for this new Nepalese year. In a virtual program

N24 correspondent, KATHMANDU: – The ban on corona infections in the Kathmandu Valley has been extended by a further week from today

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