CM – Shootout in Mexico: Indian woman among 2 foreigners killed at Tulum Resort


The fight took place between two groups who sell street-level drugs in the area. The shooting broke out in a street pub on Wednesday evening.

In a shooting in a restaurant in the Mexican resort of Tulum, two foreigners, including one from India, were killed and three injured, the authorities said on Thursday.

According to the authorities, one of the dead women came from Germany and the others from India. Among the three injured were two Germans and a tourist from the Netherlands.

The shooting broke out Wednesday evening in a street bar with a few tables outside, right on the main street of Tulum.

The fight took place between two groups Street-level drug sales in the area, Quintana Roo state prosecutors said in a statement. The tourists apparently dined in the restaurant and were possibly caught in the crossfire.

One woman died on the scene, the other in a hospital. One of the attackers, who was also wounded, was subsequently arrested. There was no immediate information on the condition of the wounded tourists.

Tulum has seen increasing difficulties moving from a laid-back beach resort to a major international travel destination. For a long time it had been spared the violence that was sporadically observed in the larger Cancun and Playa del Carmen further up the coast.

But in June two men were shot and a third injured on Tulum Beach.

The President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s government has its hopes in Tulum, where it has announced plans to build an international airport and a stop for the Maya train that will loop around the Yucatan peninsula.

But the state Quintana Roo, home to beach resorts like Tulum, Playa del Carmen and Cancun, has been plagued by both violence and corruption.

In 2019, authorities said a street-level drug trafficking dispute was also the obvious motive for a bass shootout that killed seven men in the nearby resort of Playa del Carmen.

In a scene similar to the Tulum attack, two armed men stormed the 38 caliber pistols attacked a nightclub in 2019, and opened fire on their rivals Corruption was also a problem, however, and on Thursday federal health officials announced they were releasing state officials from their duties in inspecting medical facilities after it was discovered that state inspectors were running companies that run COVID-19 testing sites and laboratories run for bribes, had knocked down.

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