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Really, Sony? Are you going to repeat this charade of choosing a successor to the late Jeopardy host Alex Trebek?

After auditioning 16 actors, broadcast journalists, television personalities and Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rogers for seven months in a process that generated positive PR for Sony Pictures Entertainment, the company crowned executive producer Mike Richards Host of the venerable TV game show. Was the fix in?

As a consolation prize, neuroscientist and Big Bang actress Mayim Bailik was selected to host Jeopardy prime-time specials and spin-offs.

Through the selection of Insider Richards, who during barely moved the needle during his trial session, Sony flushed all the good vibes it deserved during the auditions down the drain.

Richards did as badly as Joe Buck, Dr. Oz and George Stephanopoulos, Sanjay Gupta and Rogers.

Sony snubbed fan favorites: actor LaVar Burton, who has long expressed a desire to host the show; Jeopardy champions Ken Jennings and Buzzy Cohen; former CBS Evening News and Today presenter Katie Couric; and Bailik. Any of them would have been a worthy replacement for Trebek.

Richards retired from hosting duties on August 20 after it was revealed that he had made sexist and abusive comments on a podcast a few years ago.

That gave Sony an opportunity to rehabilitate itself by giving Bialik permanent hosting duties and leaving all the chaos behind.

Instead, Sony decided to move on. It announced that Bailik will host the next 15 episodes of the Weeknight show as it continues its search for a new host.

Sony has to be kidding. Fool us once, shame on us. Fool us twice, shame on Sony.

Note to Sony: Although St. Trebek has been loved by millions of fans, you are not exactly looking for a successor to the Pope. It’s a game show. Make Bailik the new host and move on.

Who’s got the toughest job in PR? My choice is John DeFries, President / CEO of the Hawaii Tourism Authority as the state of Aloha warns people not to visit until October because of a surge in COVID-19 overwhelming the healthcare system.

The Governor of Hawaii, David Inge said on August 23: “Our hospitals are reaching capacity and our intensive care units are filling up. Now is not a good time to travel to Hawaii. ”

Tourism in Hawaii saw a strong recovery from 2020 onwards. The state reported a 121.7 percent increase in the average daily rate to $ 368 and a 60.1 percent increase in occupancy to 82.4 percent from July 2020 when a traveler quarantine order was in place.

Upon releasing these bullish numbers, DeFries warned that tourism could suffer during the fall off-season due to the surge in the Delta variant.

Facebook continues to shoot itself in the foot. While CEO Mark Zuckerberg boasts of the 18 million misinformation / disinformation he claims has been removed from the website, the platform killed a report that showed its most viewed link to a news article headlined that COVID-19 -Vaccine a. killed doctor in Florida. Talk about the spread of junk information.

Facebook decided not to publish the report after Alex Schultz, VP of Analytics and Chief Marketing Officer, feared it was causing a PR problem.

Facebook has a PR and transparency issue that government regulators may need to fix.

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Sony stumbles over the PR front


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