CM – Steven Bergwijn stars as the Spurs advance to the semi-finals of the Carabao Cup



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Tottenham Hotspur’s Steven Bergwijn scores his first goal in the Carabao Cup quarter-final win against West Ham

George Sessions

Antonio Conte is ready for a reunion with Chelsea after having Tottenham in the Carabao Cup semi-finals his former club.

The All-London affair was confirmed after Spurs beat West Ham 2-1 in the quarter-finals, while Chelsea beat West London neighbors Brentford 2-0.

Arsenal face Liverpool in the other semifinals after Jurgen Klopp’s side fought back 3-1 at Anfield against Leicester to win 3-3 draw and 5-4 on penalties.

When asked if he would like to take on his former club, Conte, who led Chelsea to Premier League glory in 2017 and FA Cup success the following year, told Sky Sports: “First of all, it’s good for Tottenham to reach a semi-finals in this competition.

« You can see the names of the teams that make it to this semi-finals – Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea with us.

The Italian added: » I remember this trophy has not been secondary to Chelsea in the past was. But it was used to play with young players and players who didn’t start in the XI.

« Now I see in England that it is very difficult to win a trophy and we have to beat important teams. »

Tottenham’s last big trophy came in 2008 in this competition and Spurs lost to Chelsea in the 2015 final.

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Liverpool have won the competition eight times with a shared record and will play the 18th League Cup semi-finals.

Two-time winners Arsenal secured their place in the top four by beating Sunderland 5-1 on Tuesday.

The two-legged semi-finals will take place in weeks 3 and 10 January, the final at Wembley Stadium on February 27.




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